BEST BLIND AUDITIONS OF 2017 | The Voice Kids Rewind

Wow! 2017 was an amazing year with many new talents! Check out these amazing Blind Auditions from 20 different ‘The Voice Kids' territories. Share your TOP 5 in the comments.

Find all Blind Auditions in our ‘BEST OF 2017' playlist:

This compilation video features the following BLIND AUDITIONS in random order:

– Daneliya Tulyeshova: “Stone Cold” (Ukraine)
– Antonio y Paco: “Te Quiero, Te Quiero” (Spain)
– Iris: “All By Myself” (Netherlands)
– Riccardo: “Hallelujah” (UK)
– Sofie: “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” (Germany)
– ពេជ្រ ថៃ: “បាត់ដំបងបណ្ដូលចិត្ត” (Cambodia)
– Mica Becerro: “Queen Of The Night” (Philippines)
– Thomas Machado: “Beijinho Doce” (Brasil)
– Дениза Хекилаева: “Bepa” (Russia)
– แน็ท: “เรื่องขี้หมา” (Thailand)
– Dafne: “May It Be” (Denmark)
– Jeffrey Li: “Tell Me Why” (Canada)
– Sharla: “Memory” (Indonesia)
– Abu: “My Heart Will Go On” (Vlaanderen)
– Maia Malancus: “Bang Bang” (Romania)
– Ishaan Tangirala: “On Dil Ki Tapish” (India)
– Акерке Сулейменова: “Еще люблю” (Kazakhstan)
– Nội Tôi: “Nguyễn Tâm Hào” (Vietnam)
– الحلقة الأولى مرحلة الصوت وبس” :جيسيكا غربي” (Arab)
– Kelvin: “Diamonds” (France)

/// NOTE ///
The best Blind Auditions of Mexico aren't included in this compilation video, because we don't have the rights to use the content on our YouTube Channel. Feel free to share your favorite performances by leaving a comment with the URLs!

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