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The motion picture stars the voices of John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Danny DeVito, Ian McKellen, Sylvester Stallone, Raven-Symoné and also Patrick Warburton.

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The movie premiered at Annecy International Animation Film Festival on June 12, 2017. It was launched in China on July 21, 2018. Initially prepared to be introduced in the United States on many launch days through numerous providers, that taken care of monetary troubles.

It is arranged for a July 24, 2020 launch on Netflix.


In 1962, siblings Bob as well as additionally Horatio Huntington run a taking a trip circus, continuing to be on exceptional terms regardless of bringing numerous passions. During a performance in Indiana, their gypsy friend Esmerelda presents them to her niece Talia. The 2 brothers are promptly enamoured by her, yet Talia gradually end up catching Bob, slowly annoying Horatio. When he finds their involvement, Horatio educates Bob to either pick in between Talia or himself to spend his future with. Bob inevitably selects to remain with his heart as well as additionally weds Talia. On their wedding day, Esmerelda provides both an odd box as an existing, which allows them to open a new circus; Buffalo Bob's Rootin' Tootin' Animal Circus, understood for their remarkable pet dogs executing withstanding tasks.

Years later on, Bob's young nephew Owen succumbs to a female called Zoe throughout a performance at the circus. When they develop, Owen recommends to Zoe with a clown's red nose in the facility of the circus ring. Everyone at the circus is initially pleased, up till Zoe's daddy Mr. Woodley encourages Owen to find to run at his animal biscuit manufacturing facility (to validate himself to his father-in-law), where he is provided the positioning of choice testing. Meanwhile, Horatio, whose success has in fact diminished since of his split with Bob, begins sliding right into Bob's circus at night, searching for the method to the magic pet dogs. One night, he becomes part of a scuffle with circus family members pet dogs Old Blue the Bloodhound as well as additionally Zena the feline when they locate him, as well as additionally wrongly starts a fire that shoots down part of the circus. Owen, in the future, finds in the future that Bob as well as additionally Talia died in the fire, as well as additionally he as well as additionally Zoe, along with their little lady Mackenzie, attend their funeral service at the shot down circus. Horatio makes an unanticipated check out at the remedy, exposing that he's going take control of the circus as a result of Bob's noticeable “betrayal” for selecting Talia over him years before. He as well as additionally his henchmen entail a fight with the entertainers, developing Owen as well as additionally his family members to leave the remedy.

Before the Huntingtons leave, Old Blue along with Zena offers the odd box that opened the circus. In the automobile, Owen locates that the odd box holds animal biscuits. During a stopped, Owen unintentionally takes in amongst them as well as additionally becomes a hamster. To number why they return to the circus after discovering a note making clear the cookies. They gain from clown Chesterfield that the animal biscuits are the method to the circus; they'll change the specific right into the animal they take in, which it continuously remains full of an endless amount of pet dogs, yet there's simply one human cookie for each and every to change them back to their common selves. Later, he educates both they have in fact gotten the circus. While Zoe is pleased, Owen, still intending to validate himself to Mr. Woodley, waits, as well as additionally selects to remain at the animal biscuit production center. He continues his job there while Zoe recoups the circus. Mr. Woodley outraged that his little lady left her job, begins to consider her other employee, egotistical saboteur Brock, to become his fan.

Zoe encourages Owen in advance to the grand re-opening of Buffalo Bob's Rootin' Tootin' Animal Circus. However, it becomes a disaster when the target audience learns that there are no pet dogs at the circus. Owen is at first reluctant to do anything, acknowledging he is not a performer but is otherwise persuaded by Mackenzie, the other performers, and the dying audience. While he is at first suspicious of performing stunts as an animal, he soon grows to enjoy it, and by the end of the day, Owen decides to quit the dog biscuit factory, declaring that the circus is his family. However, as he finishes is packing up at the factory, Brock unwillingly takes the animal cracker box, eats one of the cookies and transforms into a mandrill. To catch up with Brock, Owen turns into a lion, yet Brock falls out of a window, where Horatio's henchman Mario Zucchini takes the box before Owen comes out and scares him away, forcing him to leave it behind and take an unconscious Brock in the process.

Returning home, Owen discovers he has lost his human cookie, meaning that he'll be an animal forever. Zoe doesn't accept this but has hopes that Owen can adjust to life as a certain animal. Woodley's employee Binkley, who has been trying to come up with a new type of dog biscuit, discovers the magical animal crackers, and she persuades Mr. Woodley into going to the circus to see his family. Weeks pass and Owen can not find a suitable animal to remain as, and his relationship with his family starts to suffer. One night, during a circus performance, Horatio arrives with Owen's human cookie, offering to turn him back to normal as long as he gives him the circus. Owen refuses, believing that he remains an animal as long as it'll keep his family together. Angered, Horatio forces Owen into the deal, while also bringing in his henchmen, now mutated into animal hybrids from the broken pieces of animal crackers brought by Mario along with the human cookie previously.

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The circus entertainers discover Horatio's presence immediately afterwards and also work together to stop the henchmen, and also give Owen back the box. However, Horatio, dissatisfied with how they use the animal crackers, eats the remaining broken cookies he has and turns himself into a chimera. Old Blue and Zena then reveal themselves to be Bob and Talia; they explain that they escaped the fire, but their human cookies were destroyed, meaning they can never be human again. They ask Horatio to stop and redeem himself for his evil deeds. Horatio refuses and flies up into the air with them. Owen, Zoe and Mackenzie work together to save Bob and Talia and capture Horatio and his henchmen, with Owen turning the former into a hamster as punishment. Mr. Woodley, who saw the performance, reevaluates his views on the circus and allows Owen and Zoe to continue working there. He and Binkley decide to rework the failed canine biscuit experiments into a new circus souvenir. Owen and also Zoe now work happily at the circus, with Owen going on the stage once more as a new transformation: a dragon.


  • John Krasinski as Owen Huntington, MacKenzie's father, Zoe's husband, Horatio and Buffalo Bob's nephew and the circus owner
  • Brendan Sava as a young Owen
  • Emily Blunt as Zoe Huntington, MacKenzie's mother and Owen's wife
  • Noelle Ellison Thomason as a young Zoe
  • Lydia Rose Taylor as Mackenzie Huntington, Owen and Zoe's daughter.
  • Ian McKellen as Horatio P. Huntington, Buffalo Bob's brother and Owen's uncle.
  • Danny DeVito as Chesterfield, the circus's top clown
  • Sylvester Stallone as Bullet-Man, the human cannonball who only says his name until the end of the movie
  • Raven-Symoné as Binkley, Owen and Zoe co-worker at the dog biscuit factor
  • Patrick Warburton as Brock, A big strong employee of Mr. Woodley who likes to pick on Owen and Binkley.
  • Wallace Shawn as Mr. Woodley, Zoe's father, Mackenzie's grandpa, and Owen's father-in-law
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Mario Zucchini, a small motorcycle rider who thinks Horatio's his minion.
  • Harvey Fierstein as Esmeralda the Fortune Teller, Talia's aunt
  • Tara Strong as Talia, Esmeralda's niece and Buffalo Bob's wife.
  • James Arnold Taylor as Buffalo Bob, Talia's husband, Horiato's brother and Owen's uncle and former owner of the circus.
  • Kevin Grevioux as Samson the Strong Man
  • Tony Bancroft as Stabby the Knife Thrower
  • Anthony Sava as El Diablo the Fire Breather
  • Donna Lynne Sava as Petunia the Fat Lady
  • Alyssa Trama as Gretchen the Bearded Lady


In 2010, Scott Christian Sava wrote a screenplay for Animal Crackers yet was unable to garner any interest. In June 2013, Harvey Weinstein had seen a short film of the screenplay made by Sava and two months later the Weinstein brothers made an offer to buy the rights to Animal Crackers. The Sava co-directed the movie with Tony Bancroft and co-wrote the screenplay with Dean Lorey.
Financing the movie were executive producers Mu Yedong on behalf of Wen Hua Dongrun Investment Co., La Peikang, board chairman of China Film Co., and Sam Chi for Landmark Asia.
Despicable Me character designer, Carter Goodrich, was hired in October 2014.


On January 27, 2015, Sava announced on Facebook via the Animal Crackers page that the initial day of “studio sessions with the actors” began in Los Angeles.


The film's original score was composed by Bear McCreary, and also its soundtrack includes original songs by Toad the Wet Sprocket, Huey Lewis and the News, Howard Jones, and Michael Bublé.


The film had its world premiere in competition at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival on June 12, 2017. The film was originally set to be released on April 28, 2017, by Relativity Media, however, a financial crisis within the company prevented them from releasing the film. It was then set to be released on September 1, 2017, by upstart film studio Serafini Releasing prior to they also shut down. A few months later, in November 2017, it was announced that Entertainment Studios would distribute the film worldwide. In April, Sava posted on Facebook that film was set for a release date of August 10, 2018. The offer with Entertainment Studios was dropped in June 2018. It is scheduled to be launched on July 24, 2020, by Netflix.

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