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Dark is a sci-fi as well as additionally mythical dramatization collection, generated by Baran bo Odar as well as additionally Jantje Friese as well as additionally dispersed by Netflix; This is the really first preliminary collection of the talked about streaming remedy made in Germany.

The main tasks happen in the present moment, throughout the year 2019, when the magical loss of 2 youngsters from the location, in addition to various other weird occasions, keep in mind equivalent scenarios that occurred in 1986. From there, the collection will certainly take place at different times, frequently separated from each different other by 33-year cycles. It is using all these mins that the unknowns will definitely be revealed, as well as additionally the connection as well as additionally the start of the individualities as well as additionally the scenarios that turned on the entire story.

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The really initial period premiered on Netflix on December 1, 2017, with a total amount of 10 episodes, while the second duration had 8 episodes as well as additionally was sent to the system on June 21, 2019.

On May 30, 2019, using a video from the authorities Netflix account on YouTube, the resurgence for a third and also last season was announced, with which they hope to close all the loose ends of the first two installments. Filming began on June 24 of the same year.

First season

The history of the 4 main families of a small German city, Winden is disclosed. The plot begins with 3 events, apparently not linked to each other: the suicide of Michael Kahnwald, the disappearance of a teenager Erik (a town drug dealer), and also the disappearance of Mikkel (the youngest son of the Nielsen family). These facts bring to light the fractured relationships, double lives, and dark past of major families, revealing a mystery spanning 5 generations.

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The main characters include Jonas Kahnwald, a teenager who struggles to cope with his father's suicide; the police officer Ulrich Nielsen, who experiences the disappearance of his son in the present (2019) and remembers that of his brother in the past (1986); and Chief of Police Charlotte Doppler.

During the first period, the secrets of the Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler, and Tiedemann families begin to unravel, and their lives begin to unravel as the ties between the missing children and the history of the city and its citizens become apparent.

Second period

Jonas reaches 2052, where he stumbles upon an apocalyptic Winden, where he must plan how to return to 2020 to warn everyone about this. The plot takes an unexpected turn when Jonas ends in 1921, where Adam, leader of Noah (the apparent antagonist of the series) and founder of the SIC MUNDUS CREA TUS EST sect, is present. Jonas, confused, trusts Adam and his plans about his war against time, to send him back to 2020 and try to change things.

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The chapters advance and Jonas begins to realize that his role in this mess is more important than he thinks.


Additional cast

  • Andreas Pietschmann as The Stranger / Jonas Kahnwald of the future.
  • Dietrich Hollinderbäumer as Adam (season 2).
  • Christian Steyer and Arnd Klawitter as H.G. Tanenhaus (in 1986 and 1953, respectively), the grandfather of Charlotte Doppler.
  • Mark Waschke and Max Schimmelpfennig as Noah (in 2019/1986/1953 and 1921, respectively).
  • Lea van Acken as Girl of the future.
  • Sylvester Groth as Detective Clausen (season 2).
  • Wolfram Koch as Magnus Nielsen in 1921 (season 2).
  • Carina Wiese as Franziska Doppler in 1921 (season 2).

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Recurring cast

  • Tilla Kratochwill as Erna, caretaker for Agnes Nielsen and Noah (season 2).
  • Nils Brunkhorst as a high school science teacher in 2019 (season 1).
  • Lena Dörrie as Clara Schrage, nurse who attended Helge Doppler in 2019 (season 1).
  • Tara Fischer as Katharina's friend in 1986 (season 1).
  • Leopold Hornung as Torben Wöller, a 2019 police officer, Benni's brother.
  • Tom Jahn as Jürgen Obendorf, father of Erik Obendorf (season 1).
  • Anna König as Edda Heimann, pathologist in 2019 (season 1).
  • Vico Mücke as Yasin Friese, friend of Elizabeth Doppler in 2019 (season 1).
  • Barbara Philipp as Selma Ahrens, a 1986 caseworker (season 1).
  • Paul Radom as Erik Obendorf, a teenage drug dealer who disappeared in 2019 (season 1).
  • Anton Rubtsov as Benni / Bernadette, a transgender prostitute in 2019, sister of Officer Wöller.
  • Anna Schönberg as Nurse Donata, Ines Kahnwald's co-worker in 1986 (season 1).
  • Mieke Schymura as Officer Jankowski, a police officer in 2019 (Season 1).
  • Read Willkowsky as Jasmin Trewen, Claudia Tiedemann's secretary in 1986.
  • Abiezer Rodriguez as John Tray (season 1).

The very first period received mostly positive reviews, with many critics pointing to the series' similarity to the 1990s television series Twin Peaks and the 2016 Netflix series Stranger Things. It has an 83% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 7.1 out of 10.13.The tone of the series, the complexity of its narrative, and its pace were praised.14 Many critics claimed that the series was darker and deeper than Stranger Things, and much more reminiscent of the tone of Twin Peaks.

However, some criticism was directed towards the series' harsh approach and its message, the lack of sympathetic characters, and the lack of originality of certain aspects of the story.

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