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April Dibrina, an enthusiastic in addition to self-centred professional dancer participates in a tryout for a function on Broadway. On the method to the theater, she encounter a senior female as well as takes her taxi, just to uncover later on that the female is Ruth Zimmer, the manufacturer of the play she is auditioning for. Due to the previous occurrence, she determines to invalidate April, she attempts to ask her for a possibility just to mistakenly take her off the phase, while one more prospect movies her as well as goes viral while doing so. Zimmer informs April that she will certainly utilize her impacts to ensure that nobody will certainly approve her on Broadway.

With no alternatives, April attempts to obtain the interest of Welly Wong, one more manufacturer yet comes a cropper while doing so. Expelled from her home, she determines to go back to her dad's ranch in New Hope, Wisconsin, after getting a telephone call from him. Already around, she reconnects with Miss Barb, her dancing instructor, that intends to take her team of pupils to a dancing competitors called Dance Dance Dance, wishing to pass the preliminary. April is not thinking about the competitors till she figures out that Welly Wong is just one of the courts, so she determines to aid the dancing college with the pledge of getting to the nationwide finals in Atlantic City.

At initially, she strikes rock base with pupils, particularly Sarah, April's ex-boyfriend's little sis, Nick, since April damaged their connection by texting her as well as is let down to shed her assistance after her mom's fatality. . Other participants of the team are: Lucia, an overweight woman with brief vision, Oona, a deaf woman that can “feel the vibrations of music” as well as connect with indicator language, Kari, an African American woman that is privately taking courses. Because his mom has no cash to spend for courses as well as Dicky, a young child with unforeseen skill that just mosts likely to courses to accompany his sis, yet that reveals his abilities when his sis really feels horrified in among the competitions after taking coffee.

In the preliminary of the Dance Dance Dance competition, they get to the 4th placement, nonetheless, because of a technological offense of the guidelines made by one more group, the group developments to the following round in the 3rd placement, a scenario that attracts the interest of individuals that It starts to comply with as well as sustain dance team rehearsals. With that sustain, the girls as well as April begin to make a more consistent team, even after the dance school has to close after heavy rain breaks the roof during a class, having to move the school to the barn on the farm. from April.

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When they reach the state round, April has to face her past when one of the rival teams shows the viral video that shows that she failed on Broadway, however, her students decide to ignore the fact and help April to correct a fall in the choreography, causing the team to obtain a position for the national finals in Atlantic City.

In the finale, April and the girls surprise the judges with a beautiful contemporary choreography that describes the team's situation, to the point that Welly Wong asks April to join her next Broadway act in a starring role. April decides to leave her team to comply with her dreams, especially disappointing Sarah and Nick, but once in New York she communicates with her father and realizes that she is not doing the right thing, so she decides to abandon the work halfway through. Rehearsal to attend the final round of the Dance Dance Dance competition.

Back in the competition, she apologizes to the girls for abandoning them and soon gets forgiveness from everyone, including Nick. Despite that, it is implied that the team is unable to beat their state rivals in the competition but April was able to stay with the team until the end as promised. Months later, April shows that she managed to retain her position in Welly's play, which becomes a hit on Broadway, as she continues to coordinate the girls online with the help of Mrs. Barb. After opening night, Welly surprises April by bringing all of her New Hope friends to the theatre. In the end, April and Welly share a final choreography with the cast on the street blocking traffic in front of Ruth Zimmer, as the progress of the credit.

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  • Sofia Carson as April Dibrina, a self-centred dancer looking to return to Broadway by participating with the New Hope girls in the dancing contest.2
  • Wolfgang Novogratz as Nick, April's ex-boyfriend and love interest and older brother to Sarah and Michelle.
  • Donna Lynne Champlin as Barb, the teacher and owner of the New Hope dance studio and former teacher of April.2
  • Enrico Colantoni as Frank Dibrina, April's father, who pretends an illness to hide her daughter's failure from the people.2.
  • Rex Lee as Wellington “Welly” Wong, the Broadway producer who is the judge of the dance contest.
  • Brandon Kyle Goodman as Deco, a costume manager who is friends with April and who supports the dance group.
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur as MJW, a Broadway actress who is also a judge in the dance competition.
  • Dennis Andres as Buzz, the coach of the town's local soccer team and father of Zuzu and Dicky.
  • Lidya Jewett as Kari, an African American girl who secretly takes dance lessons and Barb's accounting assistant.
  • Shiloh Nelson as Ruby, a dancer who has a difficult time dancing, discovering that she can sustain other aspects.
  • Shaylee Mansfield as Zuzu, a deaf dancer as well as the daughter of Buzz as well as sister of Dicky.
  • Sadie Lapidus as Oona, a dancer who has a hard time dancing.
  • Johanna Colón as Lucia, a girl with myopia who constantly suffers at the dancing when she loses her glasses.
  • Eva Hauge as Sarah, Nick's younger sister, who holds grudges for April.
  • Kai Zen as June, a dancer as well as daughter of Barb.
  • Justin Allan as Dicky, the son of Coach Buzz who remains in Barb's care, while her sister Zuzu is in practice.
  • Carina Battrick as Michelle, Nick's other sister.
  • Robinne Fanfair as Patty, Kari's mother.
  • Ken Pak as Gordy, June's dad as well as Barb's husband.
  • Marcia Bennett as Nick, Sarah as well as Michelle's grandmother.
  • Drew Davis as RJ, a young man Sarah remains in love with.
  • Pamela MacDonald as Ruth Zimmer
  • Amy Stewart as Carla

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