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The tale was at first created by Vincent Ngo in 1996. It decomposed in “development hell” for numerous years with numerous managers attached, containing Tony Scott, Michael Mann, Jonathan Mostow, as well as likewise Gabriele Muccino, prior to being fired in 2007 in Los Angeles with a production spending plan of $150 million.

In the United States, the movie was rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America after alterations were made at their need to avoid an R position, which it had really gotten 2 times in the past. The flick was launched on July 2, 2008, in the United States by Columbia Pictures. Hancock obtained integrated assessments from flick doubters that praised its effectiveness as well as center, nonetheless, it slammed its implementation as well as likewise stopping working to provide on its ability, especially throughout its second half. It made $624 million around the world, winding up being the fourth highest-grossing flick of 2008.


John Hancock is an alcoholic that has superpowers, containing the journey, invulnerability, as well as likewise superhuman endurance. While doing superhero-like acts in Los Angeles, he is frequently mocked as well as likewise do not like by the public for his drunken as well as likewise reckless acts, as well as winds up raging when called an “asshole.” Hancock conserves Ray Embrey, a public connections specialist, from a coming close to train, which he wildly impedes to save Ray. Thankful as well as likewise seeing him as a special opportunity, Ray offers to help increase Hancock's public image. Hancock satisfies Ray's home, his youngster Aaron, that is a fan, as well as likewise his partner Mary, that takes a timely disapproval to Hancock.

Ray motivates Hancock to launch a public apology, as well as afterward more than likely to prison momentarily, till Los Angeles requires him efficiently. Hancock involuntarily consents, having a difficult time fitting prison, as well as likewise immediately produces problems when he strikes 2 fellow detainees that turn down to leave him alone. Hancock has had a look at Ray's home, motivating him to be a person. Los Angeles's criminal task rate rises, as well as likewise Hancock is eventually released to help. He impedes a bank's burglary taken care of by Red Parker, with Hancock trimming his hand to quit him from causing an ignition switch. He is praised as a hero, as well as likewise winds up being preferred.


  • Will Smith as John Hancock, an alcoholic superhero.[2] Hancock is untouchable, never-ceasing has superhuman endurance, reflexes, as well as likewise endurance, really well-known regrowth, as well as likewise, can fly at supersonic prices. He is furthermore an amnesiac; his really initial memories are of getting up alone in a medical care center in 1931. During his launch, the obligation signed up nurse asked him for his “John Hancock”, which he handled as his existing pen names. Smith clarified the personality, “Hancock is not your average superhero. Every day he wakes up mad at the world. He doesn't remember what happened to him and there's no one to help him find the answers.”[4] To supply a useful appearance of a superhero journey, Smith was frequently postponed by cable televisions 60 feet (18 m) in the air as well as likewise pressed at 40–50 miles per human resources (64–80 km/h).[5]
  • Charlize Theron as Mary Embrey, Ray's partner, as well as likewise Hancock's ex-wife that furthermore has powers as well as likewise abilities like him, nonetheless, they are both coming to be weak as they are close to each numerous other. Theron clarified Mary, “She makes this conscious decision to live in suburbia and be this soccer mom to her stepson and be the perfect wife—she lives in this bubble. But when people do that it usually means they are hiding some characteristic inside themselves that scares them. That is Mary's case. She knows who she is and what she is capable of.”
  • Jason Bateman as Ray Embrey, a firm public connections expert whose life Hancock saves. Bateman specified, “My character sees life through rose-colored glasses so he doesn't understand how people can't see the positive side of Hancock. I like being the everyman. I like being the tour guide, the one who tethers whatever absurdity might be in a film and helps make that tangible to the audience.”
  • Eddie Marsan as Red Parker, a bank intruder that in the future wind up being Hancock's arch-nemesis. Having previously fired the low-budget Happy-Go-Lucky, Marsan found the adjustment to the big-budget Hancock to be a shock. Marsan specified, “I went from being in a car with Sally Hawkins in Happy-Go-Lucky to blowing up a bank in downtown LA.”[8]
  • Actors Johnny Galecki as well as likewise Thomas Lennon furthermore turn up in the flick. Mike Epps makes a confidential cameo in the post-credits scene. Film producers Akiva Goldsman as well as likewise Michael Mann appear like officers taking notice of Ray's lecture.[9] Television host Nancy Grace furthermore has a cameo appearance.[10] Daeg Faerch appears like Michel, the young French American neighborhood bully that is thrown by Hancock air-borne for his continuous swearing. Atticus Shaffer, in the future acknowledged for his task in the funny The Middle furthermore makes a peek at the beginning of the flick.

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Vincent Ngo produced the spec manuscript Tonight, He Comes in 1996. The draft, worrying a having a hard time 12-year-old, as well as likewise a gone down superhero, was initially gotten hold of by manager Tony Scott as a possible work. Producer Akiva Goldsman came across the manuscript, which he had really taken into consideration a liked, as well as likewise prompted Richard Saperstein, afterwards president of development as well as likewise manufacturing at Artisan Entertainment, to get it in 2002.[11] Michael Mann was initially fastened to overview Tonight, He Comes, nonetheless, he instead decided to overview Miami Vice. Eventually, Artisan placed the work in turn-around, as well as likewise it was managed Goldsman.

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Vince Gilligan as well as likewise John August rewrote Ngo's manuscript, as well as likewise Jonathan Mostow was fastened to assist the movie. Under Mostow's advice, a ten-page treatment was gotten in touch with to be pitched to Will Smith to stand for the lead task in the flick. Neither Mostow neither Smith was yet dedicated to make the work an energised leading concern at the time. Several workshops pursued the opportunity to money the flick, as well as likewise Columbia Pictures succeeded in getting the opportunity in February 2005. A second draft was scripted by Gilligan following the conclusion of the handle Columbia. The flick was initially slated for a vacation 2006 launch.


In October 2006, Peter Berg was fastened to route Tonight, He Comes with making slated to begin in May 2007 in Los Angeles, the story's configuration. Berg had really been midway with recording The Kingdom when he familiarized the flick as well as likewise called Michael Mann, which had really developed into among its manufacturers. The new manager contrasted the first manuscript's tone to Leaving Las Vegas (1995), calling it “a scathing character study of this suicidal alcoholic superhero”. The supervisor made clear the modify, “We thought the idea was cool, but we did want to lighten it up. We all did.” Before recording began, Tonight, He Comes was retitled John Hancock, as well as likewise it was at some point minimized to Hancock.


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