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The Best Break Dance Moves BREAKDANCE Bboys

Floating Gremlin Spin This transfer is insane. I’ve determined to name this the ‘floating gremlin’ for lack of a higher time period (That’s proper, that is one other comparatively new transfer). In common Gremlin spins, bboys spin round a full 360 levels on one hand with out stabbing. On this variation, the hips are greater […] More

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Sony Pictures is re-releasing “Spider-Man: Far From Home” with a new action scene. Starting Aug. 29, a new extended cut, featuring four minutes of a never-before-seen action sequence, will be released in theaters in the United States and Canada. The film will also be available in IMAX and large formats in select locations. “Spider-Man: Far […] More

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Top 5 Shuffle Dance Girls

“The Shuffle” is a dance move that stems from the “Melbourne Shuffle,” a rave and club dance that originated in the late 80s during the underground rave music scene in Melbourne, Australia. The basis of the shuffle lies in quick heel-toe action that works best with electronic music. However, the more modern shuffle, made more […] More

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