10 Things That Make No Sense About Pirates Of The Caribbean

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean is a wild as well as amazing universe but there are quite a few things that make no sense.

Just as Jack Sparrow is bar far the best pirate on the Seven Seas, Pirates of the Caribbean (or Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl as it's formally known) is one of the best action-adventure films of all time. With danger, excitement, as well as romance, it has something for every fan of the genre, as well as breakout performances by a talented cast of colorful characters.

Release in the early '00s, when Disney didn't know whether or not a pirate film (much less one based on one of its theme park rides) would prove very successful, it managed to sail away with spoils enough to launch an entire franchise. But there are still things about the film that make no sense, 10 of which you'll find below.

In the first half of the film, when Elizabeth falls off the battlements at Port Royal, she's wearing the piece of Aztec Gold that she took from a young Will Turner eight years prior. As soon as she hits the water, it pulses, sending out a signal to the crew of the Black Pearl.

Seeing that the Pearl blasted the very merchant ship Will was on (making him the only survivor), why didn't it pulse then? He was thrown into the sea, as evidenced by his soaking wet state when he's rescued, so why didn't the Pearl turn around and head back to claim the coin then?

Fans first learned there might be something otherworldly about Captain Barbossa's crew when they storm Port Royal. Two pirates discover Jack Sparrow in jail, and when one reaches through the bars it's clear from the moon shining over Port Royal that it reveals it to be skeletal.

At this same moment, Elizabeth Swann is being taken to Barbossa on the Black Pearl. These men aren't revealed to be skeletons, even though while they were escorting her from Port Royal, the moon should have fallen on them as well and revealed their true nature.

When Captain Barbossa hosts Elizabeth Swann for dinner before the Black Pearl, he explains that due to the curse, he and his crew can feel nothing and taste nothing. Yet this isn't true of at least one pirate.

When the governor's mansion was being attacked, Pintel and Ragetti went to kidnap Elizabeth. Hot coals dropped on to Ragetti, and he danced around crying “Hot! Hot!” as though he'd been burned. If Barbosa was telling Elizabeth the truth, the coals should not have had any effect on him.

According to Barbossa's accounting of the Aztec Gold curse to Elizabeth Swann aboard the Pearl, the crew spent the gold pieces of Cortez on pleasurable pursuits like women, rum, and gambling.

Apparently it took some time for them to notice the curse because they killed Bootstrap Bill and spent the last of the gold. Wasn't it in effect the moment one of them took a piece from the chest, as demonstrated by Jack Sparrow and Jack the Monkey? Certainly, one full moon in subsequent days would have revealed their skeletal state.

After the crew of the Black Pearl discovered that Bootstrap Bill Turner had sent a piece of the Aztec gold to his son William, they were enraged and tied him to a cannon, throwing him overboard. As he was a cursed man he could not die, however when Will lifted the curse at the end of the film, it could have effectively killed him.

As fans learned in the sequel, Bill bargained to defer his destiny, and serve on the Flying Dutchman. How long was he tied to the cannon before Davy Jones came along? Couldn't he have wriggled free in all that time? Was it sheer luck he joined Jones' crew, trading one curse for another?

It's only after mutinying against Jack Sparrow that Barbossa and the crew find the Aztec gold, which doesn't sit right with Bill Turner. He defiantly sends a piece of the gold to his son Will and gets killed for his efforts by being tossed overboard the Pearl.

It's only after this that the pirates learn they need his blood to break the curse. At the time they killed him, they may have not recognized they were all immortal. However, after they discovered this, why didn't they try to locate him, knowing he wouldn't have died at the bottom of the sea?

The pirates seek out the last of Bootstrap Bill's bloodline so that they can use a drop of it to break the curse when they return the last piece of gold to the chest. The pirates seem to be perplexed about how much blood they need from a Turner when they mistakenly mistake Elizabeth to be Bootstrap's daughter.

They believe they need to spill “all the blood” to be certain (even though they had the wrong Turner). They should know exactly how much blood they need since they needed blood from all the pirates who took the gold, as well as also would have already given some of their own.

If all the pirates' blood was needed to lift the curse of Cortez's gold, how was this possible if the pirates once cursed don't bleed like normal mortals? Barbossa makes a big fuss about bleeding after getting shot by Jack Sparrow at the conclusion of the film after he's been made mortal once again.

This would imply the curse had a slow progression, as well as they might have been able to use their blood before they became completely immortal, but the curse seemed quite expedient when it involved Jack Sparrow as well as Jack the Monkey.

At the end of the film, Captain Barbossa has been killed by Jack Sparrow with a bullet to the chest. Some of his crew are still alive after the battle with Norrington's men outside, including Ragetti. Wouldn't he become the new pirate lord?

Thanks to the canon established in  Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End,  fans know that Ragetti's wooden eye is Barbossa's “piece of eight”, the object that made him Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea.

Fans know after the filmWill, Elizabeth, as well as Norrington all have warrants out for their arrest for aiding Jack Sparrow's escape from Port Royal. However, Will should have been arrested immediately after Jack escaped since he precipitated it.

Norrington's men surrounded him, only for Norrington (as well as also Governor Swann) to walk off, giving Will as well as Elizabeth not just a moment together – but ample time to go ahead as well as prepare an entire wedding event till it's disrupted some weeks later on by Lord Beckett.

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