Behind You Review: A Flat & Forgettable Fright Fest

Carried by a generic story and uninspired performances, Behind You, falls flat in its mission to terrify viewers with suspenseful mirror magic.

Society has on a regular basis had a fascination with mirrors. Quite a lot of haunting metropolis legends and myths have attached themselves to these seemingly harmless reflective surfaces by way of the years. For occasion, there's been a long-held notion that an individual shall be launched seven years of harmful luck if a mirror is broken, or that mirrors operate a gateway for spirits to go by. Some mirror-related superstitions have even sprouted terrifying tales over time. Bloody Mary, for instance, is unquestionably in all probability essentially the most extensively recognized mirror-related fantasy and, for lots of rising up, grew to change into a creepy sleepover staple. With long-lasting metropolis legends like this, it isn't stunning that Hollywood has capitalized on the haunting unknowingness of mirrors. Plenty of horror motion pictures have utilized these reflective devices by way of the years, ranging from Bernard Rose's 1992 attribute Candyman to Mike Flanagan's 2013 psychological horror hit Oculus. Unfortunately, Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon's latest film makes an try and affix horror's select membership of mirror mastery, however can not seem to creatively stand out amongst the gang. Carried by a generic story and uninspired performances, Behind You, falls flat in its mission to terrify viewers with suspenseful mirror magic.

In the center of this story are Olivia (Addy Miller) and Claire (Elizabeth Birkner), sisters who simply recently misplaced their mother and for the time being are being despatched to stick with their estranged aunt Beth (Jan Broberg). Upon arriving at her big dwelling, they arrive to grasp that their aunt is nowhere to be seen. Instead, they're greeted outside the house by Charles (Philip Brodie), a buddy of Beth's who guides them inside to introduce them. From the get-go, it's obvious that Beth is harboring some very darkish secrets and techniques and methods, and the house's chilly inside is far from a welcoming sign for the women each.

After settling in, Olivia and Claire are quick to grasp that your complete mirrors within the dwelling are lined up, and by the fairly a number of tips that Beth has utilized for the sisters as properly, it's clear there's additional to this woman and her dwelling than meets the eye. These darkish secrets and techniques start to bubble to the ground as quickly as Claire begins listening to voices beckoning her to the basement. Considering they're coming from her pretty and reliable stuffed bunny, she follows their whispering identify down into the lower ranges of the house, the place Beth had warned them not to go throughout the first place. It's proper right here the place younger Claire finds a mirror and, whereas following the lead of these mysterious voices, awakens a disturbing demon that's totally able to wreak emotional havoc on the family inside.

It's these small interactions with the mirrors that present actual unease all by way of Behind You. One second, significantly, the place Olivia slowly peels once more wallpaper to uncover her toilet mirror, efficiently builds stress. This, coupled with a slow-building score from composer Christian Davis, makes for temporary bursts of actual suspense which may be sprinkled all by way of the narrative. Even the demon, carried out to terrifying influence by James C. Morris, is a horrifying creature. His unnatural movement is deeply unsettling every time he's on-screen, which, sadly, is not that always.

However, these all-too-brief moments of suspense are hardly sufficient to take care of the film afloat. There's nothing considerably memorable about Mecham and Whedon's script that makes it stand out from the rest of the films nestled inside this specific subset of the model. Its lackluster plot feels strikingly acquainted and, sadly, it performs it somewhat too protected within the case of scares. It doesn't help that the performances actually really feel compelled and uninspired, each. There's not typically ever a second of real connection between any of the actors, significantly, and most importantly, the two sisters. Even though the casting choices have been wonderful, as the 2 do look very rather a lot alike, the scarcity of an emotional bond is persistently missing, making it troublesome to attach with them, to not point out any of the characters, as a viewer.

In the highest, Behind You's storyfeels mundane and uninventive. Its bland colour palette, coupled with its generic script, can not summon up enough vitality to reel in its viewers from the very starting. Not to say, the actors' lack of enthusiasm for the manufacturing itself might be felt pretty carefully whereas watching, contributing to the film's uninspired normal tone. As an entire, Behind You's transient moments of creativity are faint glimmers of sunshine which will pretty stand out throughout the pitch darkish, making this fright-fest a forgettable characteristic.

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