BLACK ADAM And Superman Fight Teaser

While manufacturing for the Black Adam movie has actually been postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, followers are no much less nervous to figure out simply that would certainly win in a fight in between The Rock's Black Adam and also Henry Cavill's Superman. Having campaigned and also pressed to play the character for over 8 years, The Rock will finally get his wish with the release of Black Adam in theaters on December 22, 2021. Rumors have swirled around what the plot of the film will be, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself confirming that the Justice Society of America will make their long-awaited silver-screen debut.

Henry Cavill's Superman has also been blessed with renewed life recently, between the highly anticipated announcement of Zack Snyder's Justice League as well as official reports that his version of Superman will return in appearances sprinkled throughout other DCEU films. Despite his last appearance in 2017's Justice League being marred by objectively terrible CGI, fans have been clamoring to see Cavill don the cape ever since. While nothing would be more celebrated than an announcement for Man of Steel 2, fans of Cavill's depiction of the character will no doubt be ecstatic to see him return. Although Warner Bros. has already confirmed that Superman won't appear in any of the DCEU films already in development (including Black Adam), there's no doubt that the studio has plans for a titanic clash between the two characters eventually. And if the two powerhouses do come to a clash, who exactly would win?

For starters, let's examine the two actors playing the larger-than-life characters. Clocking in at 6'1 and also 198 pounds, Henry Cavill's physique has made him one of the most demanded actors in Hollywood when it comes to playing physically imposing characters. His Justice League training resulted in a body fat percentage of 14.8% and a muscle index of 6.5, making him without a doubt the biggest actor to ever play the personality on-screen. The Rock, however, might just be a bit bigger. With a height of 6'3, he's got a good 2 inches on Henry, as well as 38 extra pounds of mass. His body fat percentage is 10.5% and his muscle index is 10.8, showing him to be slightly more built than Cavill is. The difference between the two actors in terms of stature isn't huge, but it's a noticeable edge for Adam.

In terms of the characters' power sets, both have actually a similar range of powers with some important distinctions. Superman has actually arguably the most recognizable collection of superpowers of all-time, including flight, super-strength, super-speed, heat vision, ice breath, and occasionally new powers introduced and then stripped by DC. Adam is granted similar powers by the mystic word “SHAZAM,” including super-speed, phenomenal strength, godlike stamina, and even lightning manipulation. On a purely technical level, their power sets seem to be equivocal, but one important distinction sets them apart: magic. With Superman's powers being derived from the rays of Earth's yellow sun, he has very few vulnerabilities, and one of his easiest to exploit his lack of resistance to magic-based attacks.

This is something that has factored into some of their confrontations in the past, in addition to Superman's occasional battles with Adam's rival Shazam. Superman has beaten Adam in the past, mostly due to the edge that Clark carries in terms of raw speed, but there's a catch: DC rarely shows us the upper limit of Black Adam's power.

The only event that has ever really depicted Adam as a bloodthirsty warrior and master of combat is World War 3. In it, Adam is enraged over the death of his family and launches into a worldwide campaign against the world's metahumans. He handily takes on groups such as the Science Squad, the Doom Patrol, the Teen Titans, the entire Shazam Family, and the combined might of the Justice Society along with several various other superheroes. He was only stopped as the result of a spell created by Zatanna and the Phantom Stranger to turn him human. While Cavill's Superman and The Rock's Adam aren't precisely the same as their comic book counterparts, the stats of their stars and also Adam's proclivity for magic lean towards Black Adam coming out on top; nevertheless, as the hero of the tale, Superman typically locates a method ahead out on the top ultimately.


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