Coming 2 America Easter Egg References Its Biggest Missing Character

Coming 2 America has a great deal of callbacks to the initial 1988 movie. In the follow up, there's likewise a referral to one of the most significantly lacking personality.

Coming 2 America Easter egg recommendations its most significant missing out on personality. The follow up to 1988’s Coming to America had a great deal of in-jokes and also callbacks to the original film. While many of the actors featured in the first returned to reprise their roles in Coming 2 America — including Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and also James Earl Jones — Eriq La Salle’s Darryl Jenks was noticeably absent. However, just because the actor couldn’t return for the sequel doesn’t mean the film neglects any mention of Darryl or the Jenks family. 

Coming 2 America is set 30 years after its predecessor and sees Prince Akeem and Semmi returning to Queens, New York after it’s discovered Akeem has a son named Lavelle, courtesy of a one-night stand. Akeem’s goal is to bring Lavelle back to the fictional country of Zamunda, where he will train to become a proper prince and take his place as heir to the throne. When Akeem and Semmi head back to Queens, they revisit the old barbershop that played a key role in the first film. On one of the walls in the background is a poster advertising Soul Glo, the hair product line owned by Darryl’s family and appeared throughout the initial movie. 

It’s a sly reference to Darryl and his family. Despite the fact La Salle couldn’t reprise his role due to scheduling issues (he was working on the NBC series Chicago P.D. at the time), it's good to know he wasn't completely forgotten. While it’s a shame the actor couldn’t return for Coming 2 America, the inclusion of the Soul Glo poster in the barbershop scene is a reminder of how prominent a role the Soul Glo product played in Coming to America. It was seen in commercials throughout the very first film, and also the haircare product even had a catchy theme song. The poster is not only a nod to Darryl and his family, but it suggests that Soul Glo is still very much in business.  

The fact the poster is in the barbershop makes it even better. Akeem and Semmi visited the barbershop quite a bit in the original film and the characters who worked and frequented the shop were a staple. That Akeem and Semmi would revisit a memorable place from Coming to America, now complete with a Soul Glo poster reveals that some things didn't change at all for the Zamundan citizens. It's unclear what became of Darryl in the 30 years since the first movie — and whether he moved on to marry someone else — but his presence was certainly felt with the inclusion of the Soul Glo poster. Ultimately, the sequel made sure not to leave anyone out (save for Patrice, though she’s seen in an old photo with sister Lisa), and the writers found a way to feature even lacking cast members like La Salle in small, yet fun, ways.

That said, Coming 2 America co-writer David Sheffield revealed there were plans to include Darryl in a cut Soul Glo commercial. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Sheffield says Darryl would've been a customer of Soul Gro, a new product line meant to cure baldness. It's a great tidbit to know since many have probably wondered how he would have been incorporated into Coming 2 America. If nothing else, the cut Soul Gro scene reveals how the Soul Glo brand has evolved over the course of 30 years. While it's unfortunate the scene had to be cut, fans will always have the Soul Glo poster in the follow up as a suggestion of Darryl's presence. 

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