Director Tom Brady’s Movies, Rated Bad To Finest

Director Tom Brady is best recognized for Rob Schneider funny lorry The Hot Chick, as well as below's an overview to his job rated from worst to finest.

Here's every film by supervisor Tom Brady, rated from worst to finest. Not to be puzzled with the American quarterback of the very same name, supervisor Tom Brady reduced his teeth as an author as well as manufacturer on programs like The Simpsons, The Critic as well as Home Improvement. In 1996 he acted as author as well as manufacturer on Men Behaving Badly, an American remake of the preferred British comedy of the very same name.

While the program itself confirmed brief, it appears Brady clicked with celebrity Rob Schneider. The funny duo complied with up his shock funny hit Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo with 2001's The Animal, which Brady composed as well as co-produced. This saw Schneider's title character receive several organ donations from various animals, resulting in wacky hi-jinks when he starts taking on their characteristics. The movie didn't receive the warmest reviews but was a solid hit, as well as the pair later reunited on Brady's directorial debut The Hot Chick.

This led to a directing career for Tom Brady, alongside continuing to write and produce on various TV shows. Here's a ranking of his big-screen output from worst to best.

Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star (2011)

Not only is Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star the worst movie Tom Brady has directed, it one of the worst comedies of the last decade. Nick Swardson plays the title personality, a dorky manchild from Iowa who decides to become an adult performer after discovering his parents were adult stars in the 1970s.

Through an improbable series of events, the not very well-endowed Bucky becomes a star in the business but wants to trade it for romance with waitress Kathy (Christina Ricci). Bucky Larson feels like a weak idea for a five-minute SNL sketch, let alone a feature-length film, and its humor is obnoxious and witless. It also wastes a talented supporting cast, which includes Don Johnson and Stephen Dorff.

The Comebacks (2007)

The Comebacks comes off a little better than Bucky Larson, which sadly isn't saying much. The movie is a Naked Gun-style parody of sporting movies and centers on David Koechner's loser coach being given a last shot at glory with a team of misfits. The movie's rapid-fire gags and parodies of the likes of Dodgeball or Rocky produce the occasional smirk while Koechner works hard to wring laughs, however The Comebacks is entirely skippable.

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The Hot Chick (2002)

THE HOT CHICK, Maritza Murray, Megan Kuhlmann, Rob Schneider, Samia Doumit, Alexandra Holden, Anna Faris, 2002, (c) Walt disney

The Hot Chick was Tom Brady's directorial debut as well as remains his highest-grossing comedy to date. The premise sees Rachel McAdams' popular girl Jessica body-swapping with Rob Schneider's sleazy criminal. What follows is an average Happy Madison production – which even features an Adam Sandler cameo – which runs through a parade of stereotypical gags about gender as well as race.

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That said, The Hot Chick has built something of a cult in recent years, as well as Tom Brady's movie even (occasionally) hits on some thoughtful observations about gender roles. The movie is also helped by an above-average supporting cast, with Jessica being something of a prototype for McAdam's Regina in Mean Girls. The MVP award goes to Anna Faris as Jessica's finest friend though, that generally swipes every scene she in.

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