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The collection, installed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, adheres to “a group of ordinary people who stumble onto a puzzle hiding just behind the veil of everyday life. They will come to find that the mystery winds far deeper than they ever imagined.”

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  • Jason Segel as Peter, an info employee fighting to uncover value in his life
  • Andre Benjamin as Fredwynn, a clever yet paranoid male devoted to establishing the truth
  • Eve Lindley as Simone, a trans girl looking for a resort from her sensations of privacy
  • Richard E. Grant as Octavio Coleman, Esq., the enigmatic head of the Jejune Institute
  • Sally Field as Janice Foster, a hopeful empty-nester attempting to recoup her sensation of identification
  • Tara Lynne Barr as Young Janice
  • Cecilia Balagot as Clara
  • Cherise Boothe as Lee
  • Travis Burnett as Clown-Faced Boy
  • Joe Forbrich as The Milkman


On July 28, 2018, it was revealed that AMC had in fact given the producing a collection order. The collection was generated by Jason Segel that similarly guided the pilot as well as functions as executive maker along with Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, in addition to Garrett Basch. The collection is based upon the 2013 docudrama The Institute, which is the story of “Jejune Institute”, an alternate truth video game installed in San Francisco.

Segel claimed that he picked to fire in Philadelphia as a result of the truth that throughout location searching he was shocked to uncover that the city includes vibrant public art; he claimed seeing the Magic Gardens for the extremely very first time was the min he understood Philly was the right place for the program.

Early variations of the manuscript were installed in an undefined city and after that were rephrased to be concerning particular Philadelphia locations.


Alongside the collection order declaration in July 2018, it was exposed that Jason Segel would absolutely star in the collection. In April 2019, Richard E. Grant, Sally Field as well as Eve Lindley were added to the stars, with Andre Benjamin taking part July.


Principal digital photography for the collection started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July 2019


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n a conference in April 2020 after the first-season end, Jason Segel talked about the possibility of a second period: “it can be either a collection or a limited [series], relying on simply exactly how we identify to proceed. But the suggestion is that each duration is stand-alone—as well as without giving way too much away, each duration would certainly profile a specific factor, as the [Jejune] Institute was profiled in the first period.”

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