Division 2: How to Level Up in Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode in Division 2 is other than the pale of heart as well as likewise survival is a difficult one in this setup as going subconscious suggests conclusion of the individuality, totally. Hardcore nevertheless is the purest sort of Division 2 play where everything uncovered in the normal setup might not work as a result of the truth that the strategy to it is a whole lot numerous. It will certainly take all guile, reaction, and also ability to get through to the higher levels and stay alive successfully.

Important factors when it comes to survival in Hardcore mode will be the equipment being used, enemy encounters, and survival tactics when the going gets rough. There will be times when the action becomes so tight that the wrong move could spell the end. This means being strategic and a ton of planning will mean success. Some elements will stay the same from the normal style of game and we'll highlight those as we go.

Everything has a beginning point and Hardcore Mode is no various. The game is identical in terms of the storyline so heading to the White House and doing the story all over again, if coming from the normal game, of course, is the expectation here. It's a brand new character so have the expectation as well that nothing from the other versions of the game will carry over here. With that being said, there are no specializations when starting either. When reaching the White House, one ability will be available to choose from but with so many, it can be difficult to pick. Most players will start with the Reviver Hive and also that is a safe choice although let's think of the game a bit differently. A strong recommendation would be to go with the Assault Drone. The reason for this is to have a second gun at the ready instead of going at it solo. This also causes a distraction to the enemy where they will focus on the drone  first before anything else. This allows clean shots against the enemy with minimal risk of getting hurt. Another option, when they work as they're supposed to, are the Cluster Seekers where they can hit multiple enemies at once. They might not be too strong off the get-go but getting a few more skill tiers will help with the damage on them and also take out enemies quickly. It's recommended getting them after the Drone because of that inconsistency in them currently. Even having a Sniper Turret would be a great choice but it can have a disadvantage that it can't be as easily maneuverable as the Seekers or the Drone in Hardcore Mode.

For loadouts, something with high damage is going to be recommended with an emphasis on survival. A three-piece Providence build with Unbreakable, Fox's Prayer Kneepads, and Contractor Gloves is a nice fit that balances damage and survivability. Another build that can work is a ability build focusing on pure damage from the Hana-U and also Wyvern sets. Even having a Hard Wired build is fantastic in this Mode as the cooldowns resetting can be a lifesaver for items such as Cluster Seekers or even a quick heal if going that route. As for the specialization, the Survivalist will be the best bet here as it can give an extra boost to the survivability of any character or build with modifiers like “Elite Defense” and also “Vital Protection” that help against Elite enemies. Sharpshooter is a close second as it has a few modifiers that help with being in cover like “My Home is My Castle” and also “Vital Protection” helping to avoid some of those hard hits from grenades coming out of nowhere.

Here is where every little thing comes together. Again, recommending the Assault Turret here due to what was said above but one last mention about it is that it has a sensor that if any enemies come close, it will auto-target the enemy. This gives time to escape or move to a different cover to reposition and also save precious armor and health if needed. Highly valuable in Hardcore Mode but there is a side effect that if running too close to an enemy cluster it can hunt those enemies out if trying to avoid them. This brings us to the next point where it's highly advisable to not avoid enemies. At some point, gear will certainly make some significant gains on how strong a player gets but if anything experience has taught players that an unseen red bar adversary can take out a player with a huge health and also armor bar in two seconds flat if not paying attention. That is why the mini-map is going to be vital to surviving. When there's any trace of red on the mini-map, hit cover in some manner, either hard or soft cover, and assess the situation. Some enemies may be extremely far on the map but some might be closing in and quick decisions need to be made. When talking about avoiding enemies, it means if going into New York, in Hardcore Mode, there will certainly be some impossible times where three groups of enemies will converge on a location at the same time making it almost a sure death. Avoid one of the groups and also landing in a separate group is a strong possibility. Always have an out. Look at where the closest escape route is if the going obtains tough and also do a cover-to-cover move to get there. Cover-to-cover might still get some damage inflicted but it will certainly be at a fraction of the amount and also also give a chance to get to a safer place to heal. In missions, funneling to a previous area and also also having only one entrance to deal with enemies is going to be key. If dealing with enemies in an open area and also also there's no way to funnel, go to an area where there are fewer enemies in view. The less they can see, the more skills become useful like Drones and also also Seekers.

Division 2 is readily available for PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and likewise COMPUTER SYSTEM

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