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Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, Nathan Gamble, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Kris Kristofferson, Morgan Freeman, Juliana Harkavy, Austin Stowell, Betsy Landin, as well as additionally Austin Highsmith all repeat their features from the preliminary film, while Lee Karlinsky, Julia Jordan, Taylor Blackwell, as well as additionally Bethany Hamilton sign up with the stars. It was launched on September 12, 2014, as well as additionally educates the story of another dolphin at the health care center called “Hope”. After Winter's elderly buddy as well as additionally surrogate mother, Panama, dies, Winter's future stays in danger, unless Sawyer, Clay, Hazel, et cetera of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium team can find a new pal for her. The film obtained favorable reviews from unbelievers and also made $57.8 million.

Three years after conserving Winter, the workers at Clearwater Marine Aquarium rescue a significantly sunburnt beached dolphin, called Mandy after a little girl that finds her. Sawyer, currently aged fourteen, acquires an opportunity for a scholarship to the unique SEA Semester program, which involves 3 months mixed-up doing an water animal research study, after interesting his family member Kyle's consultant Dr. Miguel Arroyo when champ internet user Bethany Hamilton swims with him as well as additionally Winter. Sawyer is reluctant to go because he is concerned about leaving Winter.

Winter needs attention as well as shows signs of stress and loneliness, especially after her older companion, Panama, dies. Acting on Rufus's erratic behavior one morning, Sawyer and Hazel find and rescue a sea turtle from some fishing line. Rufus becomes obsessed with the sea turtle, named Mavis, to the point he even watches her during a CT scan at the hospital where Lorraine works.

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George Hatton, a USDA inspector, insists that Winter must be matched with a new companion within 30 days or be transferred elsewhere. However, Winter's behavior has become unpredictable, even dangerous; when Sawyer tries to get her out of the tank to prepare to make her a new prosthetic tail, she becomes aggressive and knocks him into the water. Dr. Clay prohibits Sawyer from swimming with Winter until further notice. Winter spends weeks in isolation, and despite people not being allowed to visit her, Sawyer allows Susie, a new volunteer, and her grandfather to see her. Hazel, who has feelings for Sawyer, becomes slightly jealous due to Sawyer getting attention from another girl.

Sawyer and Hazel hope Mandy will become Winter's companion. Mandy's rehabilitation at CMA goes well, so Clay contemplates releasing her soon, causing alarm for Hazel in particular. Lorraine advises Hazel that no one spends any more time at a hospital than they need to and encourages her to talk with her father. Hazel assertively yet respectfully asks Clay to let her view Mandy's medical records, which he does. Clay, Sawyer, and Hazel test Mandy's readiness by giving her three live fish, which she catches effortlessly, so they reluctantly decide they must release her. Clay puts Hazel in charge of her release.

Sawyer and Hazel break the rules and swim with Winter, who appears to be feeling better. Clay finds them doing so and scolds them but then states that it does not matter because George issued an order that Winter is transferred to a marine park in Texas. Meanwhile, Sawyer wins the scholarship to attend the SEA Semester, so Lorraine and additionally his friends arrange a party. Though this cheers him up a little, he still cannot decide whether to go. Dr. McCarthy shows him an old watch which must be tapped to keep ticking, and also also so encourages Sawyer to “shake it up now and then” and also try new things in life.

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  • Winter as herself
  • Hope as herself
  • Harry Connick Jr. as Dr. Clay Haskett, Hazel's father who runs the Clearwater Marine Aquarium
  • Ashley Judd as Lorraine Nelson, Sawyer's mother
  • Kris Kristofferson as Reed Haskett, Clay's father and also also Hazel's grandfather
  • Nathan Gamble as Sawyer Nelson, the boy who found Winter three years earlier and also also has actually since then became expected in the fields of marine biology and also also Winter's trainer.
  • Cozi Zuehlsdorff as Hazel Haskett, Clay's daughter, Reed's granddaughter, and also Sawyer's best friend who starts to develop feelings for Sawyer in the movie.
  • Morgan Freeman as Dr. Cameron McCarthy, the prosthetic designer who designed Winter's tail three years earlier.
  • Bethany Hamilton as herself
  • Denisea Wilson as Julia
  • Julia Jordan as Mandy, a little girl who finds a dolphin stranded on the beach at the beginning of the movie
  • Austin Stowell as Kyle Connellan, Sawyer's cousin who has actually recovered from his injury and also also depression since he was injured in the army three years earlier
  • Kim Ostrenko as Alyce Connellan, Kyle's mother, Sawyer's aunt, and also Lorraine's sister.
  • Juliana Harkavy as Rebecca
  • Austin Highsmith as Phoebe, a marine animal trainer at the aquarium and also Clay's assistant
  • Betsy Landin as Kat, Panama's trainer and also later Hope's
  • Lee Karlinsky as Troy, Mandy's older brother
  • Taylor Blackwell as Susie, an aquarium volunteer that takes a liking to Sawyer
  • Carlos Gómez as Dr. Miguel Arroyo, Kyle's advisor at Boston University that's impressed by Sawyer's work with Winter
  • Dennis Ardnt as Veteran Dennis
  • Tom Hillmann as Mel Prince
  • Tom Nowicki as Philip J. Hordern
  • Charles Martin Smith as George Hatton

Filming began on October 7, 2013, at Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, Florida.

Although they were filming on the site, Clearwater Marine Aquarium is open on weekends to the public. Cozi Zuehlsdorff tweeted on her Twitter account that she is excited that Bethany Hamilton has actually joined the “Dolphin Tale 2 family”.

According to Clearwater Marine Aquarium CEO, David Yates, shooting upright January 22, 2014. It was released on September 12, 2014.

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