Don Hall, Carlos Lopez Estrada & Qui Nguyen Interview: Raya as well as likewise the Last Dragon

We conference Raya as well as likewise the Last Dragon managers Don Hall as well as likewise Carlos Lopez Estrada as well as likewise writer Qui Nguyen relating to making the film.

Raya as well as likewise the Last Dragon is a visual reception, which is a statement to the designers at Disney as well as likewise their capability to run in a pandemic. The mythical land of Kumandra as well as likewise its warrior princess Raya restore several thanks to the initiative of not simply animators, nonetheless also the writers as well as likewise managers that initially visualized the tale.

Don Hall, Carlos Lopez Estrada as well as likewise Qui Nguyen talked to Screen Rant regarding their ideas for the story, the Southeast Asian affects in the job, as well as the effective women personalities had in it.

I recognize this is a totally initial story, yet existed any type of particular tales or principles that you attracted ideas from or that were examples for developing Raya as well as likewise the Last Dragon?

As a Vietnamese film writer on the movie, existed any type of certain or particular Vietnamese social referrals that you offered the manuscript?

Don as well as Carlos, can you talk with me concerning what brought about Kelly Marie Tran beginning? And particularly, what did she include in the personality of Raya when you're bringing everything with each other?

You have such a solid women lead character as well as likewise villain in this movie, as well as likewise they're created incredibly. Was this done actively from the start, or is this something that you discovered at the same time?

It need to be crazy, finishing this movie in a pandemic, normally as an outcome of specifically just how almost charming this movie is. What were numerous of the methods you required to adjust to the treatment making use of that environment? Did that experience reveal you anything?

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