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It is a global co-production of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, as well as Hungary. It is the very first installation in cinematographic biology based upon a brand-new changed variation faithful to Frank Herbert's 1965 story.

It celebrities, to name a few, Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgård, Charlotte Rampling, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, as well as David Dastmalchian.

Filming started on March 18, 2019, at the Origo Film workshops in Budapest in addition to in Jordan. Its best was introduced for November 20, 2020, in 3D as well as IMAX. However, as well as it was later on delayed to December 18.


In the long run of mankind, Duke Leto Atreides approves the management of the unsafe desert world Arrakis, the only resource of one of the most useful point in deep space, “spice,” a medication that prolongs human life, offers superhuman degrees of idea as well as implements the interstellar trip that folds up room. Although Leto understands that it is an elaborate catch established by his opponents, the Harkonnen, he heads to Arrakis, additionally called the Dune, along with his courtesan Bene Gesserit Lady Jessica, her young kid as well as beneficiary Paul, as well as one of the most relied on advisors. There he takes control of the seasoning removal procedure, which is made unsafe by the existence of huge sandworms. A bitter dishonesty leads Paul as well as Jessica to the Fremen, citizens of Arrakis that reside in the deep desert.


  • Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides, the heir of House Atreides.
  • Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica, Paul's Bene Gesserit mom, as well as courtesan of Duke Leto.
  • Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban, Baron Harkonnen's gross nephew.
  • Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Leto's strong opponent.
  • Charlotte Rampling as Gaius Helen Mohiam, a Reverend Bene Gesserit Mother as well as Truth Decider of the Emperor.
  • Oscar Isaac, as Duke Leto Atreides, an aristocrat that has actually lately been offered management of the unsafe world Arrakis, resource of the seasoning.
  • Zendaya, as Chani, Fremen little girl of the royal planetologist Liet-Kynes as well as Paul's enchanting rate of interest.
  • Javier Bardem as Stilgar, leader of the Fremen people in Sietch Tabr.
  • Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck, Atreides House tools master, as well as Paul's advisor.
  • Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho, swordmaster of House Atreides.
  • David Dastmalchian as Piter De Vries, a twisted mentat faithful to Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.
  • Chang Chen, as Dr. Wellington Yueh, a Suk medical professional, was offering the Atreides household.
  • Stephen Mckinley Henderson as Thufir Hawat, a psychological faithful to House Atreides.
  • Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Dr. Liet-Kynes, Chani's mom as well as Arrakis' primary environmentalist as well as mediator.

Repeated spreading statements proceeded till ultimately on February 15, 2019 Warner Bros. reported that the manufacturing of Legendary guided by Denis Villeneuve would certainly strike movie theaters on November 20, 2020 in 3D as well as IMAX layout.18 On 31 May 2019, the very first marketing picture was launched. August 2 was introduced as a brand-new launch day on December 18, 2020.

On April 19, 2020 it was verified that Brian Herbert as well as Kevin J. Anderson were composing the Dune visuals unique adjustment. Illustrated by Raúl Allén as well as Patricia Martín as well as modified by Abrams Books, they will certainly separate the infiltrate 3 components, the very first one readily available in October.

In enhancement, in December 2020, as well as concurrently with the best of the movie, Boom! Studios will certainly launch a collection of twelve innovator comics fixated House Atreides, an adjustment of the 1999 eponymous unique composed in turn by Brian Herbert as well as Kevin J. Anderson, which stands thirty-five years prior to Dune as well as states efforts by topple the emperor of Arrakis Elrood.

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