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Several significant stars from Breaking Bad likewise had attributes in Dan Harmon's NBC funny, Community, though the programs broadcast on 2 different systems as well as were come from substantially various styles. AMC's acclaimed collection Breaking Bad was produced by Vince Gilligan as well as debuted a year prior to Community began in 2009.

The Community competed 5 periods on NBC prior to broadcasting its 6th as well as last season on Yahoo! Screen. The series centred on seven students from various walks of life who came together as a study group at Greendale Community College. As Jeff, Annie, Shirley, Pierce, Troy, Abed, as well as Britta tried to make it through their classes, they were swept into the various campus-wide shenanigans. Breaking Bad's run overlapped with Community, and Harmon took notice.

Records in Community mentioned Breaking Bad's life a few times in the series. Star-Burns, a known drug dealer, decided to partner with a science professor as a nod to Breaking Bad. The series then took its fandom a step further by borrowing several faces from Breaking Bad. Here's every actor from the AMC show that went on Community.

Breaking Bad fans will know Matt L. Jones as the actor who played one of Jesse Pinkman's most loyal friends, Brandon “Badger” Mayhew. The actor performed in every period of the AMC collection as well as reprised his role for the sequel film, El Camino. After joining Breaking Bad, Jones appeared in three episodes of Community season 1 as the coffee delivery guy. He was also prepared to be a stoner that enjoyed playing hacky sack on campus as well as was a friend of Vaughn Miller.

Giancarlo Esposito spent three seasons of Breaking Bad as one of the show's most compelling rivals, Gustavo Fring. He pulled up with Walter White in the meth-making business before the two matched enemies. Walt finally got Gus's best in the season 4 finale when he killed him with a pipe shell. Following Esposito's exit, the actor joined Community as Gilbert Lawson, the personal representative of Pierce Hawthorne's father, Cornelius. It was later announced that Gilbert was Cornelius' natural son. Esposito is currently reprising his role as Gus in the Breaking Bad prequel collection, Better Call Saul.

Jonathan Banks joined Breaking Bad in season 2 after the character of Mike Ehrmantraut was created due to Bob Odenkirk's responsibility to How I Met Your Mother. He was a special investigator and an ally of both Saul Goodman and Gus Fring before getting engaged in Walter White's business dealings. Following his time on Breaking Bad, Banks was cast as Buzz Hickey, Greendale Community College's criminology teacher in Community season 5. His character was meant to have died off-screen after the season because Banks got a starring role in Better Call Saul to reprise his performance as Mike.

Technically, Vince Gilligan isn't a Breaking Bad actor, but considering he wrote the hit collection, he deserves a spot on the list. Gilligan's idea for Breaking Bad stemmed from a joke, but it became among the most critically acclaimed series in history. In Community period 5, Gilligan made an on-screen cameo as Devon, the cowboy host of the VCR game, “Piles of Bullets.” The episode ended with Devon's flashback from 1993 when he was offered the acting gig on the game as well as was motivated by his partner to leave his task at Apple Computers for the possibility.

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