Fast & Furious: Why Han Steals Money In Tokyo Drift (Despite Being Wealthy)

In The Fast as well as likewise the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Han is revealed to be extracting from the Yakuza, even with presently being plentiful. Here's why Han swipes anyways.

The Fast as well as likewise the Furious: Tokyo Drift sees Han taking money from the Yakuza, although that he’s presently plentiful – why? Han mentions in the film that he has a great deal of money – a line that makes great feeling gave the burglary in Fast Five – so why would absolutely he risk his business as well as likewise his life for a little extra cash? There are a number of viable summaries for Han’s uncertain selection.

By the minute Sean Boswell satisfies Han in Tokyo Drift, the expert drifter has in fact been with a large amount. His maintain Dom Toretto’s group brought lots of cash, trouble with the regulation, as well as likewise at the end of Fast & Furious 6, the casualty of his buddy, Gisele Yashar. That last awful spin of fate sent Han on a bit of soul-searching, eventually winding up in Tokyo as well as likewise starting his really own garage. The money from Fast Five should have been plenty to preserve Han going permanently later on, so why does he start extracting from the Yakuza?

There are a variety of viable summaries. The preliminary as well as likewise most obvious is just that the money may not have in fact gotten to Han would absolutely have actually suched as. Tokyo is amongst among one of the most expensive cities worldwide, as well as likewise his way of living there – stuffed with luxurious, clubbing, as well as likewise performance car parts – probably made a severe damages in the $10 million Han took in Fast Five's burglary. An superb area of that money was probably presently taken in by the time he turned up in Japan, as well as likewise a large amount a lot more would absolutely have actually been purchased company of the garage itself. With lots of expenses gathering, Han may have been a lot more strapped for cash than he made himself set on be.

Another viable, sadder summary is that Han happened something of a self-destructive training course after the casualty of Gisele, which led him to join much more unsafe behaviors. When he appears in Tokyo Drift, Han doesn’t in fact race any much longer, as well as likewise he’s primarily alone. Sure, he more than likely to the clubs as well as likewise wanders for call number as well as likewise has a posse of racers as well as likewise service technicians at his beck as well as likewise telephone call, yet his fire shows up decreased from his earlier days. Has he completely stopped hope, or up on life? Absolutely not. But following Gisele’s casualty in Fast & Furious 6, as well as likewise after everything else he’s seen, Han may have instinctually returned to his common pattern of behaviors – a pattern that positions him in injuries technique, likewise when it isn’t required.

The finest summary for Han extracting from the Yakuza is probably a mix of both. The extravagant Tokyo way of living probably sapped much more of his money than it may have shown up from the outdoors, as well as likewise his aimlessness after Fast & Furious 6 may have pushed him back to his previous life of criminal task. Fortunately, with Han unbelievably returning from the dead in Fast & Furious 9, it looks like his Tokyo Drift selections won’t be as dangerous as they as quickly as shown up.

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