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The six-part program premiered its first episode on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on 18 March 2020, after which all 6 episodes were released on All 4. Netflix dealt with international blood circulation as well as launched it worldwide on 19 March 2020.

A quick yet severe series that will make you laugh and cry with his tragicomedy about life and relationships, led by Canadian comedian Mae Martin. A little gem worth discovering.

The title of ‘Feel good' is itself a kind of contradiction: no, this is not a series to make you feel good, although it will make you laugh out loud. It is also not a tear drama, although it is capable of dealing with issues such as drug addiction and family problems in an honest and emotional way. It is, like life, one of lime and the other of sand, yet certainly not a ‘feel-good movie' (as its name might suggest) prepared to save you the bad drink of the ugly things in life. Actually, this is a collection about all the desperate decisions we make to be happy, even if our happiness ends up being lost in the attempt. And, above all, it is a series on how to learn not to be toxic to others or to oneself.



  • Mae Martin as Mae
  • Charlotte Ritchie as George
  • Lisa Kudrow as Linda, Mae's mother
  • Sophie Thompson as Maggie, Mae's Narcotics Anonymous (NA) sponsor
  • Phil Burgers as Phil, George's flatmate

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  • Tom Andrews as Kevin, NA member
  • Ritu Arya as Lava, Maggie's daughter
  • Ramon Tikaram as David, NA leader
  • Ophelia Lovibond as Binky, George's friend
  • Adrian Lukis as Malcolm, Mae's father
  • Tobi Bamtefa as Nick

Caroline Framke of Variety magazine wrote: “‘Feel Good' feels lowkey, insightful and real in a way that so much of TV tries to be, but rarely achieves quite like this – and yes, it also can feel pretty damn good.”

It is curious how sometimes the saturation of the proposals that come to Netflix can make the true jewels of its catalogue, such as ‘Feel good', go unnoticed. This British production of Channel 4 faces the romantic problems that others hide, as well as that is that love comes as quickly to the series as conflicts. Just a few minutes from the first episode and we've already seen how Mae (Mae Martin) and George (Charlotte Ritchie) have met, rolled up, fallen in love and moved in together.

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Months in minutes. But the interesting thing comes when her secrets come to light: George has not told his friends that he has a girlfriend (and that she is possibly a lesbian) and Mae has hidden from her partner that she is an ex-drug addict in the process of rehabilitation. From there, they both learn what their relationship is made of, let us see how harmful elements such as mistrust, lies and especially dependency are to a relationship.

As a more modest and romantic version of ‘Fleabag' and with the rough and agile sense of humour of ‘Catastrophe', ‘Feel good' takes us on a roller coaster of emotions that seems natural and organic. The dialogues flow quickly, with nerves, with a realistic plot despite its eccentricities and bright despite its tragedies. More or less like the monologues of Mae Martin herself, Canadian comedian and soul behind the project, not only as a protagonist but also as a screenwriter. The story is based in part on her life, mixing reality and fiction as if it were a ‘stand-up' show. In fact, the comparison is quite accurate: it has a dizzying and forceful rhythm, with a lot of jokes and at the same time an incredible ability to delve deeper, to talk regarding the globe around us without shedding the smile (along with the ‘punchline').

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