Frozen Theory: Elsa’s Parents’ Death Wasn’t An Accident, What Really Happened.

While it was at first assumed that Elsa (Idina Menzel) along with Anna’s (Kristen Bell) mother and fathers, King Agnarr (Alfred Molina) as well as Queen Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood), passed away when their ship was captured in a tornado on the Dark sea at first of Frozen, one concept recommends that their fatalities might not have actually been a crash nevertheless. When Elsa takes a trip via the Enchanted Forest as well as throughout the Dark sea to Ahtohallan in Frozen 2, she experiences numerous unmanageable essential spirits, consisting of the kelpie Nøkk, which might have been in charge of Agnarr as well as Iduna’s fatalities.

Throughout Frozen 2, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad), as well as Sven traveling via the Enchanted Forest bent on uncovering the resource of the voice phoning call to Elsa. In the Enchanted Forest, which has actually been confined by a curse for 34 years, Elsa satisfies personifications of the components, such as the fire spirit Bruni, the wind spirit “Gale,” as well as the Earth Giants. After locating the residues of their moms and papas’ ship depleted ashore, Elsa discovers that her moms and also dads took a trip throughout the Dark sea trying to find Ahtohallan, a legendary river reported to include the memories of the past, to find the resource of Elsa’s magic. As Elsa takes a trip throughout the Dark sea alone, she discovers the water spirit Nøkk, whose wild as well as nearly aggressive nature initially prevents her from crossing the sea. Since the spirit exists within the same body of water in which her parents died, it’s possible that Nøkk drowned Elsa’s parents intentionally.  

According to traditional Nordic folklore, the Kelpie is a water spirit that takes the form of a horse as well as enjoys drowning its victims. In Frozen 2, Nøkk lives up to the legends from Scandinavian mythology when it tries to drown Elsa upon meeting her. In the scene featuring Nøkk, Elsa tries to cross the Dark sea on foot, using her ice magic to run across its surface, but from the moment she steps into the water, rough waves begin to form, and the Nøkk itself pushes Elsa deeper into the sea. Based off of Nøkk’s depiction in Frozen 2 as an untamed, violent spirit that tries to drown anyone who trespasses within its waters, it’s very likely then that Nøkk is responsible for the storm that overturned Agnarr and Iduna’s ship.

While it’s in a Kelpie’s nature to drown its victims, it’s also possible that Nøkk decided to destroy Agnarr and Iduna’s ship given Agnarr’s lineage. Once she reaches Ahtohallan in Frozen 2, Elsa learns  that her grandfather King Runeard betrayed the Northuldra people because he feared the spirit’s elemental magic and the Northuldra people’s unique connection to those spirits. When Runeard gifted the Northuldra nation with a dam, it was originally perceived to be a gesture of peace, but was in fact a ruse to deplete the Northuldra people’s natural resources. By injuring the Northuldra's way of life and personally killing their leader, Agnarr's father caused discord between nature and civilization that lasted for 34 years and would be reason enough for Nøkk to kill Agnarr and Iduna despite their own positive connection to nature. 

While Nøkk may have drowned Agnarr and Iduna because of Runeard’s past crimes against the natural world, it’s more likely that Nøkk killed them, not out of vengeance, but because Elsa as the fifth spirit wasn’t yet capable of exercising her influence over the elemental spirits. When Runeard first brought about the curse over the Enchanted Forest 34 years prior, the natural world became out of flux with the rest of civilization. After Iduna saved Agnarr during the battle between the Northuldra and the Arendellians, the spirits viewed them as the positive change the world needed and bestowed their first-born child with the reincarnated fifth spirit. While Elsa as the mediator between the natural world and civilization clearly existed when her mamas and dads’ ship went down in the Dark sea, she was still learning to control her powers and hadn’t yet brought balance to the opposing worlds, allowing Nøkk’s wild nature to reign unchecked at the time of her moms and dads' death.

While Elsa has only just begun her reign as the fifth spirit within the Frozen franchise, the yet unconfirmed sequel Frozen 3 is an opportunity to show what peace between the natural world along with people appears like after 34 years of harshness. 


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