Frozen’s Tragic History Explains The Sequel’s Villains Hatred Of Magic

Frozen 2 clarified where franchise business heroine Elsa’s magic originated from, however required an innovator book to discuss reveal why King Runeard disliked magic.

The Frozen films might have clarified that heroine Elsa’s magic originates from her mom’s side of the family members in the follow up, however it's entrusted to an innovator to the Disney motion picture to disclose why Frozen 2’s bad guy disliked magic. Released in 2013, Frozen came to be an instantaneous pinch hit Disney as well as made an over night symbol of Queen Elsa, the motion picture’s even more supportive spin on the Snow Queen played by Broadway tale Idina Menzel.

In 2019, the long-awaited Frozen 2 was launched to combined evaluations, with some department over the follow up’s efforts to grow the collection' tradition as well as make clear the beginnings of Elsa’s magic. However, in spite of flaunting a much more immersive tale than the initial Frozen, Frozen 2 didn’t address every concern that excited followers had concerning the franchise business’s folklore as well as rather caused some brand-new complication among the franchise business's fandom.

However, a Frozen innovator unique called Dangerous Secrets: The Story Of Iduna as well as Agnarr uses a solution to among Frozen 2’s significant enigmas, which is where the motion picture’s bad guy King Runeard’s mistrust of magic originated from to begin with. Late in the activity of Frozen 2, visitors find out that Arendelle’s previous leader King Runeard, the duplicitous grandpa of Elsa as well as Anna, located magic to be naturally unreliable as well as unsafe. As a result of this prejudice, the king betrayed the welcoming Northuldra tribe and caused a rift that has endured through generations. However, Frozen 2 never explains how it is that King Runeard came to this dramatic, story-shaping anti-magic stance. However, Dangerous Secrets: The Story Of Iduna and Agnarr features a background section for King Runeard that explains that his wife (Agnarr’s mother Rita) was homesick and depressed at feeling like her husband's captive, thus indirectly leading to his hatred of magic.

Rita's overwhelming hopelessness, worsened by King Runeard’s uncaring attitude, led the despondent queen to ask Frozen’s trolls to wipe her memory of her family and allow her to return home without feeling guilty about abandoning her offspring. The trolls agreed to do so and Rita left King Runeard behind, ironically solidifying his self-fulfilling belief that the Northuldra tribe couldn’t be trusted. As a result, when Runeard discovered that his love Queen Rita had run away. he inevitably blamed magic at large rather than reflecting on his misgivings.

With Runeard being the kingdom of Arendelle’s unquestioned ruler (and boasting a good reputation right through to the events of Frozen 2), his whole kingdom followed suit and began to distrust and despise magic. This piece of vital backstory clarifies why Elsa felt her magic was so unsafe as well as abnormal, leading her to hide her abilities in the first Frozen. The missing piece of backstory also clarifies why Runeard had such an outsized paranoia of being betrayed, as his betrayal of the Northuldra people as well as his distrust of magic as an institution left the Frozen 2 villain certain he would be overthrown as well as dethroned by magical means, the people he deceived, or both simultaneously.

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