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In February 2015, it was restored momentarily duration and also premiered on September 16, 2016. The collection has a vacation one-of-a-kind called Creative Galaxy: Arty’s Holiday Masterpiece which was introduced on November 20, 2018. The third period was launched on June 4, 2019.


  • Arty (verbalized by Christian Distefano (durations 1); Meesha Contreras (duration 2-3) is a leader-like kid alien that finds the Creative Galaxy in his Creative Spark room rocket. There, he collects pointers in addition to makes the last task out of art to aid.
  • Arty’s Mom (verbalized by Samantha Bee [seasons 1]; Helen King [season 2-3] is Arty’s fun-loving mother.
  • Arty’s Dad (verbalized by Jason Jones [seasons 1]; John Palmier [season 2-3] is Arty’s fun-loving papa.
  • Epiphany (verbalized by Kira Gelineau) is Arty’s companion. She can alter right into numerous factors extremely.
  • Annie (verbalized by Amariah Faulkner) is a woman alien with a positive, uneasy in addition to pleased originality. She is an outstanding pal of Arty’s.
  • Juju (verbalized by Kallan Holley) is a positive girl alien that such as taking images with her camera. She is another pal of Arty’s.
  • Jackson (verbalized by Devan Cohen) is a youngster alien with an exceptionally fun-loving originality. He is friends with Arty likewise.
  • Pablo (verbalized by Brad Adamson) is the paint instructor on Painting Planet.
  • Builder Ben & Builder Betty (verbalized by Cory Doran & Jennifer Walls) are 2 contractors on Building Planet.
  • Fabiana (verbalized by Tricia Brioux)
  • Seraphina (verbalized by Brooke Shields)
  • Captain Paper (verbalized by Scott McCord)
  • Sketch (verbalized by Jason Priestley)
  • Galleria (verbalized by Cloris Leachman) is the supervisor of Museum Planet.


Museo, the Museum Planet – Its manager is Galleria.

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