GREENLAND Trailer (2020) Gerard Butler Comet Disaster Movie HD

Gerard Butler as well as additionally his family run from article apocalyptic meteors in the new trailer for Greenland. Facing down disaster is clearly definitely nothing new for Butler, a celebrity that has really made a work out of handling substantial circumstances both natural as well as additionally artificial.

Terrorists of course are Butler's most common enemy, thanks to his appearances in the action-packed Olympus Has Fallen and additionally its sequels, culminating with 2019's Angel Has Fallen. Disaster also struck Butler as well as the rest of humanity in 2017's Geostorm, which saw climate-controlling satellites going crazy as well as threatening earth. There was additionally plenty of disaster-related action in 2016's Gods of Egypt, which saw Butler playing the god of darkness Set in a movie somewhat based on Egyptian mythology (though the film's real agenda was depicting wholly made-up mythical carnage).

There's nothing mythical about Butler in his upcoming movie Greenland, which sees the action hero in regular-guy mode, but it's not long before catastrophe of Biblical proportions begins raining down on Earth and Butler is once again forced into crisis management mode with his family's lives at stake. Joining Butler in the throwback disaster epic are Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd, Scott Glenn, David Denman, Hope Davis, Andrew Bachelor and Joshua Mikel. See the new Greenland trailer (via STX Entertainment) in the space below along with a poster:

As the movie's official synopsis reads:

The trailer indeed does a good job setting up the movie's harrowing action, with its echoes of Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds. Like Cruise in that Spielberg alien invasion classic, Butler here is the average man who must do everything in his power to keep his family alive as the world is falling apart all around him. Though this time Butler may not be a highly trained Secret Service agent as in the Has Fallen series, he's obviously a man of great determination and resourcefulness, a mix of characteristics the actor happens to be very good at conveying on-screen.

Frankly, seeing Butler back in disaster mode feels a little overly-familiar, after the actor's long string of action movies filled with absurdly escalating levels of carnage. And obviously there's the question of whether anyone really wants to watch a disaster movie given the current state of the world. Then again, disaster movies can often feel like a perfect form of perverse escapism during times of real life crisis, so perhaps Greenland is weirdly just what the doctor ordered. The movie is set to open in theaters on August 14, 2020, and additionally it will certainly interest see exactly how it executes at package workplace taking into consideration all that is occurring in the world.

Source: STX Entertainment

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