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Hollywood is an American drama net television miniseries starring a collection of David Corenswet, Darren Criss, Laura Harrier, Joe Mantello, Dylan McDermott, Jake Picking, Jeremy Pope, Holland Taylor, Samara Weaving, Jim Parsons, as well as likewise Patti LuPone.

The miniseries pertains to a group of striving celebrities as well as likewise filmmakers throughout the Hollywood Golden Age in the short article-World War II duration trying to make their needs become a reality. The collection obtained combined reviews from skeptics that praised the effectiveness of the stars as well as likewise making worth, yet pounded its tone, creating, as well as likewise the imaginative authorization was taken.

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The collection follows a group of making every effort celebrities as well as likewise filmmakers in short article-World War II Hollywood (1947–1948) as they try to make it in the flick market—whatever the expenditure. Each character provides a unique appearance behind the opulent drape of Hollywood's Golden Age, keeping in mind well established power, examinations to that power, as well as likewise bias of countless kinds that stay to currently. The program is described as subjecting as well as having a look at decades-old power characteristics, as well as also what the entertainment landscape may resemble if they had been taken down.


  • David Corenswet as Jack Castello, a World War II expert that transfers to Hollywood in hopes of coming to be a star.
  • Darren Criss as Raymond Ainsley, a fifty percent-Filipino aspiring movie supervisor wanting to damage limits in Hollywood, as well as likewise Camille's sweetheart.
  • Laura Harrier as Camille Washington, a promising black starlet encountering bias because of her race, and also Raymond's sweetheart.
  • Joe Mantello as Richard “Dick” Samuels, a workshop exec at Ace Studios that is a closeted gay guy. Hank Steuver of the Washington Post explains him as “intimidating but receptive”.
  • Dylan McDermott as Ernest “Ernie” West, a pander, based upon Scotty Bowers, that runs his organization out of a filling station and also employs Jack.
  • Jake Picking as Roy Fitzgerald / Rock Hudson, a fictionalized variation of the star, and also Archie's sweetheart. Liz Cantrell of Town & Country publication identified this variation of Rock Hudson as “a young unidentified […] trying to make his method the globe, and also starting to understand that he truly is.”
  • Jeremy Pope as Archie Coleman, a black ambitious film writer encountering bias, and also Rock's sweetheart
  • Holland Taylor as Ellen Kincaid, a workshop exec and also an advisor for striving stars at Ace Studios. Cantrell composed that the personality “gets what she wants and knows a star when she sees one.”
  • Samara Weaving as Claire Wood, an up-and-coming starlet, Camille's opponent, and also the child of Ace and also Avis Amberg. Cantrell explained her as “an ambitious up-and-comer”.
  • Jim Parsons as Henry Willson, a fictionalized variation of the Hollywood talent agent whose customers consisted of Rock Hudson
  • Patti LuPone as Avis Amberg, partner of Ace Amberg, the head of Ace Studios, and also a former starlet.


  • Maude Apatow as Henrietta Castello, Jack's partner that is expecting with doubles and also functions as a waitress. Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times composed that the character offers “largely as a millstone” which the story does not provide a lot of “attention” to her.
  • Mira Sorvino as Jeanne Crandall, an effective starlet, Ace's girlfriend, and also Camille's scene companion
  • Michelle Krusiec as Anna May Wong, a fictionalized variation of the Chinese-American starlet that Raymond tries to aid

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  • Rob Reiner as Ace Amberg, the head of Ace Studios and also the spouse of Avis
  • Brian Chenoweth as Lon Silver, Ace's lawyer
  • Jake Regal as Erwin Kaye, a guy Henrietta deals with and also has an event with
  • William Frederick Knight as Harry Golden, a veteran movie editor at Ace Studios
  • Queen Latifah as Hattie McDaniel, a fictionalized variation of the starlet that gives Camille suggestions
  • Katie McGuinness as Vivien Leigh, a fictionalized variation of the starlet
  • Paget Brewster as Tallulah Bankhead, a fictionalized variation of the starlet
  • Harriet Sansom Harris as Eleanor Roosevelt, a fictionalized version of the First Lady and also Avis's pal
  • Daniel London as George Cukor, a fictionalized variation of the supervisor and also producer recognized for his grand house party
  • Billy Boyd as Noël Coward, a fictionalized variation of the dramatist, author, supervisor, and also star
  • Alison Wright as Ms. Roswell, the gatekeeper to Ace Studios

On February 23, 2019, it was announced that Netflix had actually given the production a straight-to-series order. The series was created by Ian Brennan as well as Ryan Murphy. Brennan and likewise Murphy were also set to executive produce the series alongside Darren Criss as well as likewise David Corenswet. The series was released on May 1, 2020.

Conversely, Hugh Montgomery of the BBC described the series as “spineless and inert”, giving it one out of five stars as well as likewise saying “A show about Tinseltown that chose to confront and prod at these continuing, dispiriting realities rather than concoct it's own vapid, hubristic fantasies would be worth 10 times this one.” Similarly, The Guardian's Lucy Mangan criticized its “counterfactual history”, giving the collection a 2 out of the first-rate review, creating: “This should be the perfect set-up for a scabrous look at prejudice, corruption, the trading of sexual currency, coercion, the well-oiled machinations that underlie an industry and how it all shapes history — all through a #MeToo lens. But it becomes a mere wish-fulfillment fantasy that, whether it intends to or not, suggests that if a few people had just been that bit braver, then movies – and therefore the world! — would be a glorious, egalitarian Eden. It is a show that is smug and obtuse enough to believe la land's self-regarding idea that celluloid art directly shapes our lives.”

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