How Old The Simpsons Would Be In Real Life

The Simpsons‘ individualities are allured in a universe where life is dealt with, yet if they did acquire old generally, their existing ages might impress fans. The Simpsons is a program that's regularly thrived on keeping its link very loosened, with changes to the individualities' lives simply seldom winding up being long-lasting, such as the death of Maude Flanders or Milhouse's mother and fathers obtaining separated. Otherwise, both the titular family members as well as also their buddies as well as likewise next-door neighbors exist in a sort of stasis, in which things almost always return to status quo.

In some ways, this decision has been a creative boon to The Simpsons, as the show's central character dynamics have rarely had to change, allowing fans to feel a sense of consistency during such a long run on the air. On the other hand, this setup also doesn't really allow for much character development, with people like Bart as well as likewise Homer having learned the same lessons repeatedly over the course of the series.

Without any further ado, here's our assessment of how old the Simpson family would be had they aged normally, based on information presented within the series. It's almost impossible to reach a conclusion everyone will agree on though, as later seasons have moved points like Homer and Marge's courtship and the birth of their children into later decades than they were originally placed.

As mentioned, the Simpsons' ages are very hard to pin down, although Homer's isn't quite the hardest. His age has actually actually been stated to range between 34 and 40 onscreen, depending on the season. However, the biggest piece of evidence to go on comes during season 4, which features a brief look at Homer's driver's license. The listed birthdate is May 12, 1956, meaning he turned 64 in 2020, and is officially a senior citizen.

Marge's age has also been placed anywhere in the 34-40 range over the course of The Simpsons series. Sadly, Marge's age is a lot harder to narrow down than Homer's, as an actual number has been mentioned less frequently, and the program has likewise said her birthday is in both May and also October, depending on the season. However, in The Simpsons‘ first flashback episode, “The Way We Was,” Homer and Marge are shown as high school seniors at the exact same time. This suggests Marge is also 64.

Bart's age is a bit easier to take a swing at hitting, as Bart actually had a birthday officially take place onscreen. Bart turned 10 in the season 3 episode “Radio Bart,” and also has always canonically been 10 since, making him 38-years-old as of 2020.

Lisa, like Bart, also had a canonical birthday onscreen, in the season 3 episode “Stark Raving Dad,” which gave birth to the famous “Lisa, It's Your Birthday” song. She turned 8 in that episode, and also has actually been 8 on the program since, as well as since she's been pointed out to be slightly over 2 years younger than Bart, she's 36 given that 2020.

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