Indiana Jones: What Happened To Short Round After Temple Of Doom

In Indiana Jones as well as additionally the Temple of Doom, Indy got a charming companion in Jonathan Ke Quan's Short Round, as well as additionally listed below's what he took on after.

In Indiana Jones as well as additionally the Temple of Doom, Indy got a charming companion in Jonathan Ke Quan's Short Round, as well as additionally listed below's what he took on after. While a vital as well as additionally commercial smash at the time of its 1984 release, Indiana Jones and additionally the Temple of Doom is often regarded as a mixed bag today. Many don't care for Kate Capshaw's Willie Scott character, as well as also others think the depiction of India as well as its people is woefully regrettable. Yet, the sequel – or technically, a prequel – still has a legion of passionate defenders.

Temple of Doom has many positives, from Harrison Ford once again turning in a rousing performance as Dr. Jones, to his interplay with Short Round, to some action and adventure set pieces sure to leave a smile on one's face. It may not be as great as Raiders of the Lost Ark or Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, but it's great fun regardless despite its flaws, and is certainly leagues better than the infamously contested fourth installment Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

As much as most fans like Short Round though, and felt he made a good addition to the Indiana Jones canon, the personality has never appeared in further sequels. Thanks to licensed tie-in materials though, we have some idea what he did after Temple of Doom.

According to the “Trail of the Golden Guns” arc found within a 1980s Marvel Comics run of The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, Short Round returned with Indy to the U.S. in 1936, following Indiana Jones and additionally the Temple of Doom. Dr. Jones enrolled his sidekick into boarding school, but that doesn't mean Short Round never accompanied him on any further adventures. In the comic, he assists Indy on a search for Atlantis, as well as additionally while they don't find it, a pirate attempts to rob Indy of artifacts, leaving Short Round to race up in a speedboat to save his friend and also also the treasure. He's then, much to his dismay, sent back to school.

Short Round's next comic appearance alongside Indy is considered non-canon, but it's worth mentioning. Published in an issue of Dark Horse's Star Wars Tales, “Into the Great Unknown” sees Indy and also also Short Round in the Pacific Northwest looking for Sasquatch. Instead they find the remains of the Millennium Falcon, which in this story crashed there over 100 years earlier. Inside the ship is the body of Han Solo, which spooks Indy for obvious and also hilarious reasons. Looking on unknown to them is Chewbacca, still alive, and also the source of the Sasquatch legend. It's the only comic to ever combine Star Wars and also Indiana Jones.

Finally, in The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones reference book, released around the time of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Short Round has made illustrations. It's also revealed that he went on to become an adventurer himself, finding an artifact called The Peacock's Eye in 1957. While it hasn't been firmly established why Short Round never appeared in another Indiana Jones movie, he was at one point planned to cameo in an early version of Crystal Skull, appearing at the end to drive Indy and also his love interest Elaine McGregor away from their wedding. Jonathan Ke Quan was even contacted by Steven Spielberg about the cameo, however the script ended up being massively reworked as well as additionally the scene was removed.

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