Infinity War Concept Art Reveals Alternate Wanda & Vision Farewell Scene

A newly-released Avengers: Infinity War concept art divulges simply exactly how Wanda in addition to Vision's heartbreaking bye-bye scene in the motion picture essentially played out.

Newly-released Avengers: Infinity War concept art provides a rotating variant of Wanda in addition to Vision's bye-bye in the motion picture. Directed by Joe in addition to Anthony Russo, the 2018 Marvel Studios blockbuster began completion outcome of the Infinity Saga. The motion picture also properly offered Thanos in addition to completed with him successfully accumulating the Infinity Stones in addition to damaging half of life in deep area. Aside from people that were wiped from the destruction, there were also a variety of characters that were accidentally removed for the Mad Titan's objective.

That includes Vision, that died not when nevertheless 2 times. First at the hands of Wanda who was forced to destroy the Mind Stone on his forehead as a last-ditch effort to stop Thanos from collecting all six Infinity Stone and executing his nefarious plan. While this initial plan worked, Thanos was able to rewind time using the Time Stone, resurrecting Vision, and reconstructing the Mind Stone only for him to get it himself.  On the heels of WandaVision, nevertheless, these moments have been recently revisited, prompting a Marvel Studios artist to reveal an alternate way on how the MCU lovers' Infinity War goodbye could've played out.

Taking it to his official Instagram account, John Staub shared a concept art he made for Infinity War for the said scene. In it, Wanda is getting ready to destroy the Mind Stone while Thanos, with his minions on his back, approaches them. Check out the image below:

Comparing this to what played out on the big screen, there are a couple of differences. Firstly, the whole sequence was set in a relatively isolated place in Wakanda; all the heroes that were on the ground tried their chances against the Mad Titan in an initiative to protect Vision and also the Mind Stone, however the villain proved to be far too powerful for all of them. Additionally, the destruction of the Mind Stone began when Thanos was quite near them, resulting in Wanda having to slow him down on the one side, while she simultaneously destroyed the Infinity Stone. Overall, however, the whole feel of the sequence was maintained in Infinity War.

After Avengers: Infinity War, Wanda as well as Vision once again had to bid each other farewell after the hex came down in WandaVision. But this time, they did it on their own terms. Both of them knew it was coming as well as were simply thankful for being able to live some sort of normal life in Westview. That said, it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking especially since Wanda also had to separate from her kids, Billy and also Tommy. There's a promise, nonetheless, that at some point, they will certainly rejoin once more in the MCU in the future.

Source: John Staub

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