Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Flashpoint Batman in Cool Custom Justice League Figure

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has really been become the Flashpoint Batman in a remarkable personalized Justice League task number. Although he is ideal identified for his responsibility as Negan on The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan knows with the world of the DC Comics. Morgan has really previously played quick features in 2 of Zack Snyder’s previous superhero motion pictures. He played the Comedian in Watchmen, along with in the future Thomas Wayne in the opening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, there’s one DC character that Morgan has really been teasing considering that his responsibility in BvS, which’s to play the Flashpoint Batman.

Flashpoint is a recommended 2011 comic developed by Geoff Johns, along with it educates the story of Flash returning in time to save his mom. By doing so, he changes the fates of a variety of DC characters. For circumstances, Bruce Wayne is executed as a child rather than his mother and fathers, which results in Thomas Wayne coming to be a far more callous as well as mad version of Batman. In 2017, Geoff Johns said a Batman story would play a big part in the Flash solo film, which was titled Flashpoint. However, since then, director Andrés Muschietti has stated The Flash will be a “different version of Flashpoint.”  Nevertheless, fans have not given up picturing Morgan reprising his Thomas Wayne role as the Flashpoint Batman.

On Twitter, an account under the name Mikhail Villarreal shared photos of a very impressive looking figure that has Morgan as the Flashpoint Batman. We see the red Flashpoint Batman logo in the middle of the suit, as well as the figure has no mask, showing the Morgan inspired face. There is also one image that has the Flashpoint Batman figure alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman, who plays the son of Morgan’s Thomas Wayne in BvS. The Batsuit that Affleck’s Batman is wearing is from the 2017 Justice League movie, showing the inspiration for the figures. The full tweet and also photos can be seen below:

The figure is excellently designed and could get the conversations for Morgan as the Flashpoint Batman rolling again. Morgan looks like a great Batman in the figure, but unfortunately, the odds of it becoming a reality do not seem high at this time. The upcoming “different” Flashpoint-inspired Flash movie does not appear to have Morgan involved, and with the DCEU seemingly going away from the shared universe format, it seems less and less likely that fans will certainly certainly get to see Morgan’s Thomas Wayne connect to a new storyline.

Morgan previously cast doubts over the possibility of playing the Thomas Wayne Batman in 2018, after Snyder’s DCEU exit. Snyder will be returning to complete his much talked about Justice League Snyder Cut for HBO Max, but a DCEU return post-Justice League is up in the air. Although, as Warner Bros. seems focused on more standalone stories now, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they could one day bring Flashpoint Batman to life for a film, and also with Morgan. After all, he's a terrific choice to fill up that responsibility as made apparent by this custom-made Justice League number.

Source: Mikhail Villarreal/Twitter

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