Justice League Will Release On HBO Max

Zack Snyder validates that the black-and-white variation of Justice League, or the ‘Justice is Gray' version, will certainly be launched on HBO Max.

Zack Snyder has actually verified that his black-and-white variation of Justice League will certainly be launched on HBO Max. The Man of Steel and also Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice supervisor will ultimately reach share the highly-anticipated “Snyder Cut” on March 18th.

The launch of the Snyder Cut came true mainly many thanks to the durable years-long social networks project from followers, which started complying with the frustrating launch of 2017's Justice League. Snyder was compelled to tip far from the initial movie after a household misfortune, which brought about Joss Whedon taking control of and also doing considerable reshoots that resulted a movie that was turned down by both target markets and also movie critics. Fans now have only a few weeks left to wait for Snyder’s original vision, and also the film’s marketing campaign is in full swing.

IGN posted a virtual chat with Snyder earlier today, during which he confirmed that the black-and-white version of the film will be released on HBO Max. Snyder refers to it as the Justice League: Justice Is Gray edition, and noted that it’s his favorite version of the film. He adds that he understands why people want to see it in color, and that the color version will still be the first one released. However, he sees the black-and-white IMAX version of the film as the ultimate version and he looks forward to when target markets can be back in theaters and also eventually see both versions on the big screen. Snyder noted that he’s not sure when the black-and-white version will hit HBO Max, but that he expects it to be some time after the initial release:

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Snyder previously hinted at the monochrome version of Justice League by sharing black-and-white promotional images of the movie, before confirming the Justice League: Justice Is Gray title. He has also previously stated that he sees the black-and-white IMAX variation of the movie as its purest version partly because it’s how he saw the footage on his computer for two years, before the Snyder Cut had an official release plan. Snyder also mentioned that they shot the entire movie in the aspect ratio that would be ideal for IMAX theaters, so it’s clear that he has hopes for a theatrical release down the line.

Snyder’s love for the black-and-white version of Justice League comes as no surprise knowing his affinity for muted color palettes and dramatic visuals. It would have been a very bold move to only release a black-and-white version, however, so it make sense that the color version will certainly hit HBO Max initial. It’s also exciting to know that Snyder still envisions a theatrical launch for Zack Snyder's Justice League later on, as it would certainly be a terrific method to commemorate going back to the movie theater.

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Source: IGN

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