Justice League’s Complete Darkseid Timeline Explained

Zack Snyder's Justice League creates Uxas a.k.a. Darkseid's complete timeline from the min Earth originally was looked into by the Lord of Apokolips.

Zack Snyder's Justice League has in fact officially brought Darkseid right into the world of live-action as his DCEU history in addition to timeline obtains created. One of the biggest crooks in the entire DC Universe is Darkseid, leader of Apokolips in addition to amongst Justice League's most outstanding adversaries of all time. While the world would definitely have really initial pleased him in 2017, Darkseid was, unfortunately, amongst the individualities to be removed from the presented cut. Instead, his individuality was restricted to merely a singular name-drop by Steppenwolf that was the primary bad guy of the 2017 variant of Justice League.

But after years of waiting, Darkseid has in fact gotten his due in Zack Snyder's Justice League, with Ray Porter being the really initial celebrity to in the past represent him in live-action. The 4-hour cut created Apokolips for the danger that it actually is in addition to for the length of time Darkseid has in fact had his eyes developed on Earth. Even though Steppenwolf is the New God that Zack Snyder's Justice League mainly adheres to, Darkseid still has a presence throughout the entire of the tale. Obviously, Darkseid's releasing would definitely have actually triggered a bigger task in the adheres to up that Snyder had in fact planned to finish his trilogy.

While Zack Snyder's Justice League had Darkseid for a handful of scenes, the overall motion picture did establish a large amount of what the DC crook has in fact done throughout his visibility. Despite simply having relatively little screentime, whenever Darkseid did appear, it was frequently impactful in addition to useful to his personality. Here's Darkseid's whole timeline clarified from what the Snyder Cut disclosed.

Thousands of years earlier, prior to taking the name Darkseid, Uxas concerned Earth to overcome the earth as he would certainly with lots of others. This is exactly how the 3 Mother Boxes were offered Earth in addition to why Steppenwolf years later on needed to attempt re-collect them. Uxas was stressed with discovering the Anti-Life Equation that damages all free choice and also makes whoever uses it on something or someone is under their control. But Uxas wasn't prepared for the greater forces on Earth that were coming together just to stop him. Amazons, Atlanteans, humans, the Olympic Gods, as well as a Green Lantern, came together for a common cause: to stop Uxas's invasion.

While Uxas came with his large army of Parademons, it didn't help him successfully overcome Earth as he had hoped. The unity of the Mother Boxes got interrupted and also while Uxas and his forces were able to kill hundreds or thousands of Earth's protectors, he himself was taken down. Ares ends up being the one that stops Uxas after cleaving him in the shoulder. Uxas had to fall back with Parademons carrying him back to their ship to recover and while his initial invasion failed, he wouldn't be done with Earth.

Over a millennia later, Uxas was now known as Darkseid, one of the most feared beings in the universe. As his uncle Steppenwolf was seeking redemption from his family on Apokolips, the New God pursued his mission to retrieve the Mother Boxes and complete the unity at last. But just like when Uxas tried to take over Earth, there was now a new generation of heroes that were coming together to stop the Apokoliptian threat. As Steppenwolf claimed that there were no protectors anymore, Darkseid saw his opening and was ready to come to the world again for the Equation.

However, as Batman and Wonder Woman put the Justice League together, they also made the decision to revive Superman, knowing they needed his help. While Steppenwolf did collect all the boxes, once Kal-El was resurrected from the dead, Earth was now defended again by the former fallen Kryptonian. Initially, the unity succeeded and they were defeated, but The Flash rewound time and gave them a second chance. While Darkseid never fights the league, they do meet and despite not a single word being said, it becomes clear that the war is just beginning. As the Boom Tube closes, Darkseid informs Desaad that they'll just have to get to Earth “the old ways.”

The Knightmare future timeline has been a crucial part of Snyder's vision of his Justice League universe and the Snyder Cut is no exception to that. At some point in the near future, Darkseid not only murders Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but he kills Lois Lane and utilizes the Anti-Life Equation on Superman. As Clark succumbs to it and becomes a slave for Apokolips, Earth is officially taken over by the New Gods and Darkseid wins at last. While the exact year isn't specified, based on Darkseid's final scene in the present being about coming to Earth “the old ways,” it's fair to assume that it would certainly perhaps be within a 2-3 years time span. That's why Batman forms a final resistance force to take on Darkseid and try ending his conquering.

This would have obviously set up Zack Snyder's Justice League 2 where Darkseid would have been a more present threat. But the Snyder Cut still managed to set the groundwork for simply just how mighty he is in addition to will be in this Knightmare storyline. What the first film does is seed the idea of Darkseid being the ultimate big bad of this franchise as well as despite Steppenwolf having more screentime, it's his nephew that is the puppet master in this scenario. Everything Steppenwolf was doing in the Snyder Cut was on behalf of Darkseid, while also wanting to use this opportunity to get forgiveness by the Apokolips lord.

Zack Snyder's Justice League 2 as well as Zack Snyder's Justice League 3 would also likely be where more of Darkseid's characterization as well as history is expanded. This is among the oldest living beings in deep space as well as there's definitely more to tell about the iconic DC baddie. Even if no sequels are in the works for the time being, never ever ever say never about not seeing even even more from this story, including the Knightmare reality. Depending on what HBO Max does after the release of Zack Snyder's Justice League, fans may still obtain even even more of Darkseid in the coming years.

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