Justin Hammer Revealed Iron Man’s Big Weakness (That Other Villains Missed)

Iron Man 2's Justin Hammer identified Tony Stark's attraction with his custom, so he planned to deny him. This makes him the Avenger's finest crook.

Tony Stark taken care of a variety of criminals throughout his task as Iron Man in the MCU, yet simply Justin Hammer determined his biggest powerlessness as well as likewise used it versus him. Iron Man 2 may not be simply among the greatest Marvel Studios offerings as its tale was made complex as well as likewise focused a lot more on establishing the franchise organization than developing its story. Regardless, it had some wonderful mins as well as likewise brilliant elements, among which was the intro of Tony Stark's competitor, Justin Hammer of Hammer Industries.

By the moment Iron Man satisfied his fatality in Avengers: Endgame, it had actually been 15 years in-universe given that he presumed the superhero identity. Throughout his job, he satisfied both devoted allies as well as likewise hazardous enemies in the process. Aside from Thanos, perhaps a darker mirror of himself, he had a number of various other remarkable individual opponents such as Aldrich Killian from Iron Man 3 in addition to his very own foster dad number, Obadiah Stane, that attempted to eliminate Tony and also take Stark Industries from him. There's likewise Hammer, that might have shown up in the most awful movie from the Iron Man trilogy, yet was perhaps the very best solo bad guy for the hero, not even if he was enjoyable to see, yet likewise due to the fact that he recognized Tony so well that he understood his discomfort factors.

While Thanos was Iron Man's arch-nemesis in the MCU, having actually been distressed by the hazard the unusual postured long prior to he debuted in Avengers: Infinity War, it was Hammer that was one of the most hazardous to Stark directly. Unlike all the various other bad guys Tony encountered throughout his job in the franchise business, it was just Hammer that understood that to be able to actually beat him, one need to pursue Tony's heritage and also credibility — something that Stark had actually been consumed with for a long period of time. Hammer coldly claimed this to Ivan Vanko as he propositioned them to interact versus Iron Man: “You just don't go and kill the guy… you go after his legacy, that's what you kill.” This fits well with Iron Man 2‘s story which dealt with the concept of heritage generally with both Ivan and also Tony refining their corresponding dads' life jobs. What's extra intriguing right here is that Hammer had not been also the key crook of Iron Man 2; he needed to share the spotlight with Whiplash, yet considering his understanding of Tony Stark, he might've conveniently been the film's only bad guy.

Hammer's hazard was extra hazardous to Tony Stark. Most of Iron Man's individual bad guys intended to merely eliminate him, yet eliminating him throughout n physical experience would just enhance the concept that Iron Man is a hero, which was what he had actually been pursuing given that understanding the mistake of his methods the initial Iron Man. He intended to renew his picture and also he had not been precisely bothered with passing away if that implied that individuals's adverse assumption of him altered. By pursuing his heritage, Hammer might've transformed the general public versus Tony which would certainly've been a much even worse trouble than dealing with an extraterrestrial bad guy or a demi-god. It's the factor his Ultron blunder in Avengers: Age of Ultron actually struck a soft spot with Tony as individuals of Sokovia saw him as a bad guy and also he could not deal with himself recognizing that.

In knowledge, Tony would certainly've been similar to Hammer had he not had his life-altering experience in Afghanistan that led to his surprise to do excellent on the planet and also compensate his previous blunders. Both were enchanting billionaires that made the majority of their cash by providing tools of battle. It would certainly've been wonderful to see even more of their competition in Iron Man 2, also if merely due to the fact that it was a lot enjoyable to see them provoking each various other up. It's far too late for that currently provided Tony's death in Endgame, yet Marvel Studios can still restore Justin Hammer as well as likewise make him a crook of Armor Wars. If anything, it would certainly also much better fit his previous program as the program will likely be a battle over preserving Iron Man‘s custom.

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