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The collection complies with largely Black as well as additionally Latino LGBTQ home individuals—largely from 8 residences—as they browse through 9 rounds (dancing/voguing/walking celebrations), with US$100,000 benefit for the winning home.


  • Dashaun Wesley as Master of Ceremonies
  • MikeQ as DJ
  • Judges:
  • Jameela Jamil
  • Law Roach
  • Leiomy Maldonado
  • Megan Thee Stallion

MC Dashaun Wesley offers the key panel of courts as well as additionally 8 residences from the world of the ballroom. These residences will absolutely compete weekly in ballroom-oriented troubles to make the title of “Superior House of the Week” as well as additionally win the Legendary Trophy. In the last round, the last home standing gains well-known condition as well as additionally US$100,000. For their really initial difficulty, your residences must make their home statement as well as additionally expose the courts that they are, which is generally called “The Grand March” in the ballroom. During the really initial episode, a Superior House will certainly be crowned, nevertheless, none will absolutely be eliminated.

House of Escada: Escada consists of a thick group of individuals that trust an additional as a genuine home. Escada does a vogue-oriented display screen while placing on black, crow-feather enthusiastic outfit. The courts supply beneficial evaluations for the outfit as well as additionally basic power of the effectiveness, nevertheless, they actually feel there was a lack of creative thinking in relation to choreography. Leiomy motivates Escada to improve revealing self-esteem as well as additionally a personality in their future effectiveness.

House of Ebony: Wesley makes clear House of Ebony is simply among the earliest as well as additionally most preferred residences in the ballroom. Mother Isla Ebony, a white cisgender lady, leads your home's numerous other 4 individuals. Ebony is generally a black-oriented home, so Isla actually feels the anxiety to secure as well as additionally expand the heritage of Ebony as a result of her duty as its leader. Ebony does a vogue-oriented efficiency while putting on banjee-themed style. The courts provide appreciation to Ebony's high power as well as additionally cohesiveness en masse, yet really feel the attire were lacklustre.

House of Ninja: Ninja is a worldwide voguing home developed by House Father Willi Ninja in 1982. House of Ninja in Legendary is the only team to be totally made up of cis-gender ladies, that call themselves as “femme-Fatales”. This home is recognized for its accuracy in regards to style, as well as stylish as well as classy performances. The ninja does a vogue-oriented efficiency while wearing ninja-inspired hair as well as garments. The judges give glowing critiques for Ninja's style, hair, and makeup choices. They feel the performance was executed perfectly and praise Ninja for the Asian-themed concept.

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House of Gorgeous Gucci: Gucci, a newer ballroom house, are a confident group of performers that shine in both runway and vogue. Gucci performs a vogue-oriented performance while wearing old Hollywood glamour inspired outfits. The judges offer praise for the cohesive outfit choices and clear story and enjoy the positive power of the performance.

House of West: West is a newer house created by Father James West at only 27 years old. The members are confident and also see themselves as “rebels” because they want to have an ever-lasting impact on the ballroom scene. West performs a vogue-oriented performance while wearing colourful London/Vivienne Westwood inspired fashion, as proclaimed by Law Roach. The judges give positive critiques for the choreography, fashion, and unique concept, and enjoy the modernistic presentation.

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House of St. Laurent: St. Laurent is a “boutique house”, made famous from the film Paris Is Burning, that shines in terms of face, fashion, and runway. The members are a close-knit group led Mother Michelle St. Laurent, a proud transgender woman who finds solace in the ballroom. St. Laurent presents a fashion and story-themed performance, including a spoken word lip-sync by Mother Michelle. The judges give positive critiques for the presentation and creative fashion choices, however, they really feel the performance lacked confidence and energy. Jameela asks St. Laurent to present more vogue in future efficiencies, but Michelle explains she presented her house the way that they are.

House of Lanvin: Lanvin is a house known for shining in fashion categories. The members of Lanvin present themselves as a close family centred around Mother Eyricka, an openly transgender woman, and each member finds a safe space to be themselves in the ballroom. Lanvin presents a vogue-oriented performance focused on Mother Eyricka while putting on high-fashion red outfits. The judges give praise for all aspects of the performance as well as enjoy the choice of red outfits. Jameela exclaims Lanvin made her experience her “first gag”, and took her “gag virginity”.

House of Balmain: Balmain is a residence known for its uniqueness and creativity, consisting of members that've experienced heartbreak and painful experiences throughout life, but find a comfortable and loving environment within their residence to truly express themselves. Balmain serves a hip-hop oriented performance with acrobatics while wearing see-through tight black garments and black boots. The courts provide praise for the confidence, fashion, as well as high energy of Balmain's members, but did not see enough vogue as well as also ballroom elements in the performance.

After all eight houses present their first performance, the judges deliberate as well as state House of Ninja as the Superior House of the Week.

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