Marvel; DCEU Costume Designer Helped Create Suits For SpaceX Launch

Costume designer Jose Fernandez, that has really dealt with a selection of films, including some in the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with the DC Extended Universe, was responsible for generating the spacesuits for the existing SpaceX launch. Fernandez has really had an extensive career in Hollywood, expanding back to the 1990s.

The clothing designer has financial debts on Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman along with Robin along with Men In Black. His existing financial debts include manage Thor: Ragnarok along with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. He has really furthermore dealt with helmet designs for the electronic tunes duo Daft Punk. SpaceX, absolutely, is run by the eccentric South African-birthed billionaire Elon Musk, that furthermore runs Tesla. The organisation was simply lately in the headings for presenting 2 astronauts right into space for an objective to the International Space Station. It is the really very first time that NASA has really assigned an individual organisation for a manned launch. One of among one of the most recognized components of the launch were the smooth along with stylish spacesuits the astronauts used, which looked really various from the large matches we're made use of to seeing.

Fernandez was in charge of those captivating matches, according to Forbes. In a meeting with the site, the outfit developer claimed he was come close to by Musk back in 2016, however really did not at first comprehend that the matches would certainly be made use of for a real area trip. He believed that the styles he was sending would certainly be made use of for one more movie, not recognizing that SpaceX was the name of a room trip business along with not a brand-new science fiction.

Fernandez's payment consisted of the smooth as well as comfy helmet, which was, according to him, designed to provide the astronauts with a great degree of movement, combined with a larger visor to improve visibility. He was also responsible for ensuring the seams on the suit were completely air tight, something that is obviously essential for someone travelling into space at great speed.

The overlap of Hollywood as well as space flight might seem odd to some, but it makes sense in light of Musk's celebrity profile. The scientist and businessman is a fan of the limelight, having previously been married to British actress Talulah Riley, and currently in a relationship with musician Grimes, as well as making a cameo appearance in Iron Man 2, among other productions. He is additionally reportedly planning to launch Tom Cruise right into area for a new movie. So, for Musk to use a Hollywood outfit developer for a real-world spacesuit doesn't seem that odd.

As for Fernandez, it is unclear whether he will remain in the world of spacesuits, or if he returns to movie. Given the success he's currently had in both areas, he could have the capacity to connect both worlds.

Source: Forbes, SpaceX (pictures)

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