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Me Before You is a 2016 charming drama flick routed by Thea Sharrock in her directorial establishing and also changed by English author Jojo Moyes from her 2012 tale of the specific very same name.

Set in the United Kingdom, the flick is discharged in numerous historic locations around the country, consisting of Pembroke Castle in Wales, and also Chenies Manor House in Buckinghamshire, England. Released on June 3, 2016, in North America, the movie obtained mixed testimonials as well as likewise made $208 million around the world.

William “Will” Traynor (Sam Claflin) is an effective lender and also an energetic male that remains in a great partnership with his sweetheart Alicia. One early morning while they remain in bed, Will obtains a telephone call informing him to find right into job. While strolling to function, he is chatting on his cellphone and also unintentionally strolls before a speeding motorbike. As an outcome of the mishap, Will is disabled from the neck down and also completely bound to a mechanized mobility device.

Two years later on: Louisa “Lou” Clark (Emilia Clarke) is a delighted, outward bound lady that deals with and also sustains her working-class family members. After shedding her work at a neighborhood coffee shop, she is worked with as a buddy for Will Traynor. Lou has no experience, yet Will's mommy thinks her happy individuality will certainly assist raise his spirits. Will just hangs out with his registered nurse Nathan (Steve Peacocke), that understands that he will certainly never ever reclaim use his body as a result of the damages to his spine. Nathan aids him with every little thing physical like activity, workout, and also apparel.

Cynical and also depressed because he can no longer live an active life, Will initially reacts coldly to Lou's upbeat demeanour and also treats her with contempt. After two weeks, Will has a visit from his former best friend Rupert and also Will's now ex-girlfriend Alicia, that reveal that they are engaged. Will manages to smash all the photographs on his dresser in anger and also indignation, which Lou tries to repair the next day, leading to a verbal altercation between the two. The next day, Will orders Lou to watch a film with subtitles with him, and also she has to accept it. The two begin to bond and also eventually become close friends. Lou and also Will continue to talk every day; she learns that he is cultured and also worldly, having travelled extensively. In contrast, her life so far has been simple, without any interests or hobbies or travel away from home. Her long-term boyfriend, Patrick (Matthew Lewis), is training to take part in a Viking triathlon in Norway, a hobby that he chooses over spending more time with her. Will urges Lou to broaden her horizons and also tells her that it's her responsibility to live her life as fully as possible.

While Nathan takes care of Will during one of his occasional illnesses, Lou notices scars on Will's wrists. Sometime after, Lou overhears an argument between Will's parents and learns that Will has given his parents six months before checking into Dignitas in Switzerland for assisted suicide. Will refuses to accept life with a disability that entails dependency, pain, and suffering without any hope for the recovery of his old self. Lou takes it upon herself to change his mind by organizing various trips and adventures to show Will that life is worth living, despite his disability. Will gradually becomes more communicative and open to her plans. Lou, Will, and Nathan attend horse racing, a trip far from perfect. Nonetheless, Lou sways Will into attending a Mozart concert.

Will joins Lou's family for dinner on her birthday, where Lou's father reveals he lost his job in a leveraged buyout which happened to have been organized by an associate of Will. When Lou's father is offered a managerial position at Stortfold Castle, owned by Will's family, Lou realizes that Will is trying to help her obtain financial freedom from her family. Gradually, they develop strong feelings for one another, which makes Patrick jealous. This causes problems in Lou's and Patrick's seven-year-long partnership, eventually resulting in their break-up.

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Will decides to attend Alicia's wedding and also also asks Lou to accompany him. At the wedding, Lou and also Will enjoy offending the strait-laced guests. Lou learns from the bride's godmother that she considers Will to be Alicia's “one that got away”.

During a luxurious trip to the island of Mauritius together, Will is undertaken by another bout with pneumonia. Help by Nathan, Will informs Lou that he still intends to follow through with his assisted suicide. He wants her to live a full life instead of “half a life” with him. He says their time together has been special, but he cannot bear to live in a wheelchair. He asks her to accompany him to Switzerland to be with him through his last moments. Heartbroken, she informs Will's parents upon arrival in London that she is quitting immediately and also also travels back to her home by bus. She does not speak to Will for the days that follow. However, at home, Lou's father convinces her to go to Will. She finds out that he has already left for Switzerland, so she decides to go to Switzerland herself to be with Will in his final moments.

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A few weeks after Will's death, sitting in his favourite café in Paris, Lou reads the letter Will left for her. In it, he encourages her to seek out a specific perfume shop. He has left her enough money to follow her dreams and also round off the letter with “Just live.”

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  • Emilia Clarke as Louisa “Lou” Clark
  • Sam Claflin as William “Will” Traynor
  • Janet McTeer as Camilla Traynor
  • Charles Dance as Steven Traynor
  • Brendan Coyle as Bernard Clark
  • Steve Peacocke as Nathan
  • Matthew Lewis as Patrick
  • Jenna Coleman as Katrina “Treena” Clark
  • Samantha Spiro as Josie Clark
  • Alan Breck as Grandad
  • Vanessa Kirby as Alicia
  • Joanna Lumley as Mary Rawlinson
  • Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Rupert Collins

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