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It is generated by the workshop TMS Entertainment and also 3xCube, which likewise generated the 2nd Ashita no Joe anime in 1980. The head of the production is supervisor Yō Moriyama, working with film writers Katsuhiko Manabe and also Kensaku Kojima, with songs made up by hip-hop musician Mabanua.

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The series was relayed in Japan from April 6, 2018, to June 29, 2018, and also was simulcast on Crunchyroll. The series was accredited by Viz Media for an English launch and also started broadcasting on Toonami in the United States from December 8, 2018. A second period has actually been revealed that will certainly take place a number of years after the occasions of the initial period.


The series occurs in an advanced setup where certified people stay in a well-off city while, on the borders of this city, there is a slum community where unlicensed people stay in Japan. Megalo Boxing is a popular sporting activity in this globe similar to boxing, other than the fighters battle while wearing a steel structure which makes their assaults far more deadly. Junk Dog is a boy that combats in below ground unlawful rings in battles that have a set outcome where his train Gansaku Nanbu guides him on when to shed a battle. One night he practically collapses his bike right into Yukiko Shirato, which is the head of the affluent Shirato Group which manages the Megalonia competition. Junk Dog chooses a battle with her bodyguard Yūri that is likewise the leading-rated Megalo Boxer. Yukiko quits the battle however Yūri looks for Junk Dog and also meets him in the below-ground ring where he quickly defeats the less-experienced boxer and also informs him to combat him once more in Megalonia, which Junk Dog would require a location on top of the authorities Megalo Box positions to get, in addition to a correct citizenship ID to go into the positions, to begin with. After Nanbu persuades the mob manager Fujimaki to create Junk Dog an ID under the name Joe, both are offered 3 months to attain their objective of working their method to the top of the Megalo Box positions in order to have a possibility of fighting in Megalonia.


  • Joe/Junk Dog
  • Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya3; Kaiji Tang4
  • Junk Dog (ジャンクドッグ, Janku Dogg) is an underground Megalo Boxer from the borders of the community whose genuine name is unidentified, he is required to toss battles to generate income for his uneven manager. He originally battles with old Gear that is frequently in demand of fixing. He tackles the name “Joe” (ジョー, Jō) when he has a Citizen ID built in order to go into the Megalonia competition. He, later on, tackles the ring name “Gearless” Joe (ギアレスジョー, Giaresu Jō) as a component of a trick to climb in the positions swiftly, dealing with without Gear against Gear-furnished challengers.
  • Gansaku Nanbu
  • Voiced by: Shirō Saitō; Jason Marnocha
  • Gansaku Nanbu (南部贋作, Nanbu Gansaku) is Junk Dog's manager, train and also a bettor with a drinking issue that maintains making him toss battles, although deep down he relies on Junk Dog's capabilities.
  • Sachio
  • Voiced by: Michiyo Murase; Erica Mendez
  • Sachio (サチオ) is a young boy from the poor Restricted Area that is talented with utilizing and also repairing machinery, which he and also his friends often use to steal goods which they exchange for “Red Candy”, a type of drug.
  • Yūri
  • Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto; Lex Lang
  • Yūri (勇利) is Yukiko's bodyguard and the Megalo Boxing champion. He seeks out Junk Dog after the latter insults his owner, meeting him in the underground ring he easily defeats him before telling him to work his way up in Megalonia if he wants to fight him again. Yūri is equipped with a unique prototype “integrated” Gear, which is surgically grafted directly to his arms.
  • Yukiko Shirato
  • Voiced by: Nanako Mori; Erika Harlacher
  • Yukiko Shirato (白都ゆき子, Shirato Yukiko) is the head of the Shirato Group who oversees the Megalonia tournament.
  • Fujimaki
  • Voiced by: Hiroyuki Kinoshita; Jamieson Price (English)
  • Fujimaki (藤巻) is a mob boss that sets up fixed fights for Junk Dog and Nanbu. He assists the duo in acquiring a forged Citizen ID so they can enter Megalonia and pay him back with the prize money after Junk Dog refuses to throw a fight.
  • Tatsumi Leonard Aragaki
  • Voiced by: Makoto Tamura; Greg Chun (English)
  • Tatsumi Leonard Aragaki (タツミ・レナード・アラガキ, Tatsumi Renādo Aragaki) is Nanbu's former student. He was called up for military service a few years before the start of the story, during his time as a soldier he was directly hit by an explosion which cost him his legs and burned half his face off. When he returned home he started to suffer from PTSD which led him to attempt suicide and he also felt abandoned by Nanbu after finding that he had closed down his gym when he thought Aragaki had died. He makes his return to Megalo Boxing 3 years before the start of the story and fights his way up to rank 17 when he hears that Nanbu has a new popular Megalo Boxer named Joe he vows to destroy him so that Nanbu can feel his pain, but he also wants to earn money from sponsors so that he can repay everyone from the veteran's association for giving him his life back.
  • Miyagi
  • Voiced by: Yōhei Tadano; Jake Eberle (English)
  • Mikio Shirato
  • Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki6; Robbie Daymond (English)
  • Mikio Shirato (白都樹生, Shirato Mikio) is Yukiko's older brother and the developer of Ace, a state-of-the-art Gear equipped with artificial intelligence that allows it to read and predict an opponent's moves, formulating the perfect counters and strategies. Mikio is arrogant, egotistical, and smug, believing “stray dogs” like Joe are not worthy of standing in the same ring as himself. Mikio was passed over for becoming the head of the Shirato Group in favor of his sister, a fact that causes him to hold a grudge against her.

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The series was announced on October 12, 2017, through a video uploaded to TMS Entertainment's official YouTube channel. Yō Moriyama, that previously worked as a concept designer on Attack on Titan and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, serves as a series director and a concept designer. The opening theme is “Bite” by LEO Imai and also the ending theme is “Kakatte Koi yo” (かかってこいよ, Come at Me) by NakamuraEmi[8] with insert songs performed by rap artist COMA-CHI. The series was simulcasted on Crunchyroll; it aired for 13 episodes and the Japanese Blu-ray release contained a new short anime. During their Anime Expo 2018 panel, Viz Media announced that they have licensed the anime. Anime Limited announced that they had acquired the series for residence video release in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Madman Entertainment acquired the series for distribution in Australia and also New Zealand, and also streamed the series on AnimeLab.

The series premiered on Adult Swim's Toonami block on December 8, 2018.

During Anime NYC on November 16, 2019, the staff announced that the series will get a 2nd season.

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