Metro Last Light Used Guiding Wind Before Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima attracted a great deal of interest when Sony exposed the Guiding Wind, a function that functions as a smooth unbiased pen, without taking gamers out of the experience. It's definitely an intriguing concept, and also a great way to make use of the setting to add gamers as opposed to abstract symbols. However, Ghost of Tsushima isn't the initial video game to do something similar to this.

The Metro video games, and also specifically Metro: Last Light, have actually utilized a comparable system to aid overview gamers towards purposes. The Metro video games have constantly place a great deal of focus on immersion, connecting most of its attributes and also UI components right into the real globe, like the clipboard Artyom utilizes as a map.

While Ghost of Tsushima's system is most likely fairly various, it interests recall at the Metro video games and also see just how comparable attributes have actually been utilized in the past. Here's just how Metro: Last Light utilized assisting wind.

The lighter plays an indispensable function in every Metro video game. It lights up dark locations, can be utilized to light lanterns, shed crawler internet, light the fuse on explosives, and also extra. In Last Light, nevertheless, the lighter aids direct the means towards Artyom's following goal. The wind will certainly blow the lighter fire in whichever instructions gamers require to head to discover the following goal, producing a wise immersive device. While the fire leads, it's practically the wind that's assisting gamers, much like in Ghost of Tsushima. A YouTube video clip by Arbybear reveals the lighter at work.

Unfortunately, Metro Exodus really did not maintain this function as the range and also extent were a lot bigger than Last Light. The follow up rather chose a much more basic open-world unbiased pen strategy. Still, it's clear that Metro: Last Light led its time, and also the assisting wind on the lighter is simply one instance of the information took into the video game.

Metro: Last Light is readily available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and also COMPUTER.

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