Money Heist Season 5 Theory: How Berlin Could Still Be Alive

Berlin (Pedro Alonso) may have been executed by authorities at the end of Money Heist duration 2 as well as additionally certainly removed, nevertheless it's viable that the captain of the Royal Mint burglary can still live. Berlin (whose real name is Andrés de Fonollosa) was divulged to be the Professor's (Álvaro Morte) brother, as well as additionally was taking care of an uncommon genetic condition called Helmer's myopathy that would absolutely have actually removed him within a number of months of the burglary.

There's no shooting down that Berlin was mischievous details. A self-confessed misogynist as well as additionally feasible psycho, he was as a whole lot a bad guy to the rest of the group in Money Heist durations 1 as well as additionally 2 as the authorities were. Yet even with his guilty nature, Berlin was similarly enchanting, with his extremely own distinctive collection of well worths, as well as additionally had excellent screen exposure – making him a fan-favorite character.

In the recently-released docudrama Money Heist: The Phenomenon, expose programmer Álex Pina mentioned that he regrets eliminating Berlin nevertheless was educated to do so by superordinates, because the character's bigoted views as well as additionally sexual offense of amongst the slaves truly did not fit with the minutes. Pina reacted to:

Pina brought Berlin back for Money Heist durations 3 as well as additionally 4 in the type of remembers to his time payment plan the Bank of Spain burglary as well as additionally his link with Palermo (Rodrigo De la Serna). However, there was similarly some location for unpredictability left in Berlin's casualty scene in the duration 2 finishing, which may have been Pina's approach of leaving the selection offered to bring Berlin back in the future.

Given that Money Heist duration 3 grabs 2 as well as additionally a half years after the events of duration 2, there are 2 barriers to Berlin still living: if the hailstorm tornado of authorities firing that he encountered truly did not remove him, afterwards his disease would absolutely have. However, it's mentioned that some people with Helmer's myopathy can sustain with the optimal treatment. While Berlin was simply taking medicines to manage his indications, an individual with an enthusiasm in doing so can have found a way to prolong his life.

Unlike the numerous other characters that died in Money Heist duration 2, Oslo (Roberto Garcia) as well as additionally Moscow (Paco Tous), Berlin's body was never ever before exposed. After being discharged a variety of times in the top body by authorities, he went down to the ground. After that intend his body (whether dead or to life) would certainly have been taken right into authorities custodianship – which's where the opportunity of Berlin still being to life is available in. Colonel Prieto (Juan Fernández), that was distressed by the stress and anxiety of the Royal Mint break-in, was complicit in having Rio (Miguel Herrán) recorded and after that hurt, and also in unlawfully maintaining his apprehension a key. If Berlin made it through the shootout at the end of Money Heist period 2, he might have encountered a comparable destiny as Rio.

Prieto would absolutely have actually done anything to maintain Berlin active to make sure that he can be barbequed for details concerning the Professor's strategies, particularly after the various other burglars ran away. The colonel might have also mosted likely to the sizes of discovering a far better therapy for Berlin's condition. If this did take place, after that most likely CNI was not successful at drawing out details concerning either the Royal Mint burglary or the Bank of Spain break-in. But if Berlin lives, after that he can return in Money Heist duration 5. After all, as he mentioned to Palermo: “I'm particular that approach or another, time will absolutely bring us back with each various other.”

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