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Detroit, Michigan, 1963: Bob Ivanovich, a young youngster of Ukrainian-American moms and dads, really hopes one night for a circus in his lawn the following day after university. After university the adhering to day, he runs residence excitedly, complied with by his buddies.

Bob has actually prevented his Ukrainian-birthed mother and fathers for their immigrant ways along with picked to transfer much from his member of the family in Detroit. Thirty years in the future, Bob Jones (Michael Keaton) presently runs a Los Angeles public connections firm. He is happily joined to Gail (Nicole Kidman), that is pregnant with their extremely initial child. Bob is startled to discover that he has really been related to an incurable sort of kidney cancer cells as well as can not live to see their baby birthed.

Bob begins to make residence flicks, to commemorate himself, to be disclosed after his death to his youngster, so he'll understand that his papa was, disclosing him specifically just how to prepare pasta, specifically just how to drive, etc. He also begins to see a Chinese specialist called Mr. Ho (Haing S. Ngor), which motivates him to take note of his heart, which is calling him to forgive, which life is frequently offering him welcomes if he would merely pay attention. At his companion's encouraging, they fly to his house community of Detroit to head to a standard Ukrainian wedding event of his brother or sister Paul (Bradley Whitford). While in the place, Bob sees his young people residence. Also while there, they attempt to fix secure fencings with his apart household, which does not exercise. Bob pounds his brother or sister for going stale to California as he did, along with his papa (Michael Constantine) disapproval Bob's moving numerous miles away as well as altering his name.

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Bob returns to California with a damaged heart, regretfully asserting to his companion, “This is my last trip home.” During a check out with Mr. Ho, he advises Bob to participate in his heart “soon.” Bob reveals his youngster by web cam specifically just how to reduce, play basketball, along with start a vehicle by jumper cable. He also deals with youth years fret by eventually riding an outstanding roller rollercoaster. During the journey, a young pal motivates him to enable go of the obstacle as the descent begins, yet Bob safely holds on. (An allegory of his fear of launching life.) He is enduring on acquired time—past the day the physicians gave him, as he specifies to his companion after leaving the rollercoaster, “Today is D-Day. Death Day. I was supposed to be dead by today.”

Gail's tightenings up increase, along with rapidly she stays in the health care center, to give birth to their baby. Bob along with Gail have a rewarding time with their newborn, yet rapidly Bob's issue intensifies considering that the cancer cells have really reached his mind. Hospice therapy is arranged for Bob. Bob makes a last attend Mr. Ho, along with asks him what the light is he preserves seeing. Mr. Ho reacts it is “the life of the self” along with prompts him to get his “house in order (life and personal affairs).”

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A hospice registered nurse, Theresa (Queen Latifah), transfers to assist, yet Bob's health and wellness stays to fail. Bob along with Gail eventually calls his member of the family to inform them of what's happening. Bob's member of the family come west for the extremely very first time to see. Bob makes serenity with his household lastly. Bob's young people desire is eventually offered by a circus in the lawn.

As his papa reduces him, Bob discloses that he competes last made serenity by educating his papa he appreciates him. Bob eventually includes terms with his life as he dies quietly, surrounded by the caring, encouraging bust of his member of the family. Next is disclosed Bob on a heavy roller rollercoaster, this moment launching the obstacle, enhancing his arms quickly air-borne this minute, metaphorically launching life, along with eventually enjoying the journey of life. Bob journeys in the direction of a beautiful, beaming, beautiful light (possibly heaven). A year in the future, his youngster as well as companion appreciate him on video, as he takes a look at Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs along with Ham to him.


  • Michael Keaton as Bob Jones
  • Nicole Kidman as Gail Jones
  • Bradley Whitford as Paul Ivanovich
  • Rebecca Schull as Rose Ivanovich
  • Michael Constantine as Bill Ivanovich
  • Queen Latifah as Theresa
  • Mark Holton as Sam
  • Haing S. Ngor as Mr. Ho
  • Lissa Walters as Deborah

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