New Wolverine Might Be The Secret Father To A POWERFUL Avenger

Wolverine has actually been around for a lengthy while, as well as whether it's duplicates or secret youngsters showing up out of the woodworks, he's practically been a daddy from time-to-time. However, one Marvel Comics tale suggested that Logan could be the real papa of the effective Avenger, Scarlet Witch.

Ultimates 3 by Jeph Loeb, Joe Madureira, Christian Lichtner as well as Richard Starkings is among one of the most seriously panned tales in Marvel Comics background. The primary story factors in guide entails a sex tape, incest, as well as murder. Scarlet Witch is killed in the series as well as as the Ultimates investigate her murder. In Ultimates 3 #3, Wolverine reveals that it's fully possible that the magical mutant could actually be his daughter.

In the issue, Wolverine reveals to the rest of the team that Scarlet Witch could have been his daughter. He recounts the story of how after the war, he found refuge in the Balkan Mountains while searching for Wundagore so that a witch could end his life. As Wolverine collapses in the snow, he's rescued by a beautiful woman named Magda – Scarlet Witch as well as Quicksilver's mother. The two immediately have sex. But, mid-coitus Magneto, who had claimed Magda's heart for himself, arrived as well as sent Wolverine packing.

When Wolverine meets Magneto years later, he asked to track as well as kill Quicksilver. After Scarlet Witch stops Wolverine from killing her brother, Logan oversees the two of them having an incestuous relationship. It's an incredibly gross moment that's somehow even worse when you consider the fact Wolverine might be Scarlet Witch's dad. A father watching his potential daughter as well as her brother (who also would be Wolverine's son) having intercourse is about as messed up of a plotline as Marvel's ever published.

It's never officially confirmed that Scarlett Witch and also Quicksilver were Wolverine's kids. But, it's strongly implied that it's a possibility. His relationship with Magda can have very well led to Logan being the actual father of the powerful twins instead of Magneto. Although considering the fact he had a first-row seat to the two's incestuous relationship, I'm sure he's OK with not being their dad. Wolverine very well can be the father to the two Avengers, but in this tale, he's not surprisingly not very anxious to obtain to the base of the fact.

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