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The Official Pokemon network lately launched a brand-new trailer for the Pokemon Sword as well as Shield DLC which covered both The Isle of Armor as well as The Crown Tundra, as well as they might have additionally disclosed a brand-new Pokemon. The trailer was basically a mosaic of clips drawn from the upcoming Sword & Shield DLC that showcased brand-new settings, brand-new Pokemon, returning Pokemon that were reduced from the initial video game, as well as various tale components. While the trailer was loaded with impressive brand-new material that reignited gamers' enjoyment for the long-awaited DLC, a couple of structures of the trailer attracted a great deal of inquiries.

The brand-new trailer is 3 mins as well as 31 secs long, as well as every secondly of the trailer reveals the gamer something brand-new as well as interesting. However, from the 45 to 46 second mark there are a few frames where a vacuum-like creature appears to be sitting on someone's living room floor, as well as it spits up what one can only assume is some item that will progress the DLC's narrative in some way. This vacuum closely resembles a Cramorant, which is a brand-new Pokemon that was introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. While many have speculated that this may just be a funny looking vacuum, Vacuum Cramorant may actually be a new species of Pokemon.

There are merits to both sides of the argument. For instance, there are plenty of other instances in Pokemon games where there are appliances that are made to look like Pokemon. There are Pokedolls from Gen 3, Rotom-dexes that are technically Pokemon but can't be used as a normal Pokemon, and there are plenty of street signs or household appliances scattered throughout each game that are by no means counted as a real living Pokemon. While it's possible GameFreak put this clip in the trailer to get player hopes up about a new kind of Pokemon, here are all the reasons Vacuum Cramorant could be real.

This may come as a shock to some readers, but there are plenty of artificial Pokemon, man-made Pokemon, and even Pokemon that were created through the influence of humans. The most famous instance is Mewtwo, who was created by scientists who attempted to clone the DNA of Mew. This doesn't really apply to vacuum Cramorant unless scientists tried to mix the DNA of a normal Cramorant with a vacuum… but that's a little too ridiculous even for Pokemon.

There is still plenty of other man-made Pokemon which could help explain how a Vacuum Cramorant would come into existence in Pokemon Sword & Shield's Isle of Armor DLC. Pokemon such as Voltorb, Porygon, and Magearna were all made by humans out of technology. Porygon and Magearna were even made intentionally, proving that it is possible for humans to create brand new species of Pokemon. Magearna and Voltorb also prove that pieces of equipment such as Pokeballs, or even piles of nuts and bolts, can be given life to turn them into real Pokemon, so why can't the same be true for a vacuum cleaner?

There aren't too many examples of Pokemon that mimic the appearance of others and even fewer that copy a Pokemon's appearance through artificial means. One Pokemon that comes to mind is Mimikyu, which is a ghost-type Pokemon that covers its appearance in a sheet that resembles Pikachu. Mimikyu uses this disguise because its real body is said to be incredibly hideous, so it hides its appearance to get close to others. There are other Pokemon, like Ditto or Zoroark, that change their physical appearance to look like other Pokemon, but it's unlikely that Vacuum Cramorant would fit into that category of Pokemon.

However, there is a Pokemon that takes the form of appliances, which could be the case for Vacuum Cramorant. Rotom is a Pokemon whose form is influenced by whatever appliance it has chosen to possess. One of the most prominent examples of this is the Rotomdex that was introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. While the Rotomdex is a real Pokemon, he was never useable in battle. However, Rotom's other forms were useable in battle including his lawnmower, refrigerator, and oscillating fan forms. Interestingly enough, all of his useable forms are household appliances similar to a vacuum.

In the Isle of Armor DLC trailer, Vacuum Cramorant can be seen regurgitating a very shiny orb that players can only assume is some special item that was sucked up while he was performing his household chores. As players may have noticed, he does this on his own with seemingly no outside influence on his actions. The trailer doesn't show what actions are taken leading up to this point, but going off of what was shown it seems that Vacuum Cramorant is fairly sentient. He even perfectly mimics a normal Cramorant's actions perfectly, which makes Vacuum Cramorant seem more like a living creature than a household appliance.

There are a lot of reasons why Vacuum Cramorant could be a real Pokemon. There are plenty of other Pokemon that are man-made, and plenty of Pokemon that resemble household appliances. His appearance is also similar to a Pokemon that already exists, but there are plenty of Pokemon that also mimic the appearance of others. And lastly, even though he only appears for a 2nd in the trailer, his movements make him seem more alive than any vacuum a player has ever seen. Regardless, players will have to wait until June 17 when the Pokemon Sword as well as Shield Isle of Armor DLC is released to see if Vacuum Cramorant is the genuine offer or otherwise.

Source: Pokemon/YouTube

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