Rachel McAdams Says the Eurovision Song Contest Is Bigger than the Super Bowl

With Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga on Netflix presently, all eyes jump on writer in addition to producer Will Ferrell, that plays the dreamy-eyed Lars meaning to win Eurovision for Iceland. But his hero would definitely be no location without very long time friend in addition to vocal singing friend Sigrit, brought to life by Rachel McAdams.

The starlet sat with Screen Rant to assess her responsibility in the motion picture, differing from her actual own lack of experience with the European vocal singing rivals to her individuality’s songs love triangular with Ferrell in addition to Dan Stevens.

This is you rejoining with manager David Dobkin in addition to Will Ferrell from Wedding Crashers, nonetheless in Wedding Crashers you weren't able to embark on him in addition to his hallmark comic power. Can you talk to me worrying playing off of him in this motion picture?

Eurovision is something I have in fact not recognize with. This was a preliminary for me. Are you well-informed regarding Eurovision? I recommend, I'm particular you prefer this motion picture.

If Rachel McAdams hopped on Eurovision, what would definitely her one song option be?

I'm going Backstreet Boys, “I Want it that Way.” What does Sigrit see in Lars?

There's a great deal of listen this motion picture that are so dang catchy. Did you ever leave developed just humming the song when the day mored than, looking like, “I wish I could get this out of my head?”

Did you sing whatever in this, or was whatever [someone else]?

Sigrit similarly has a little bit a love triangular in this motion picture with Dan Stevens' individuality, Lemtov. Can you talk to me worrying simply exactly how that plays right into the tale?

And afterwards amusing happens.

Eurovision Song Contest is presently streaming on Netflix.

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