Reminiscence: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

In a post-war, advanced American culture like that of Reminiscence, astrology might not be the very first point on everybody's minds. The personalities in the movie do, nonetheless, rely upon their past to aid them understand their existing and also future, just like those who follow the zodiac signs do.

When examining the characters involved in the story of Reminiscence, it's clear that they all have distinct differences in personality – so much so, that they can be divided up to represent each astrological sign in the zodiac.

Being the child of wealthy parents, Sebastian is fitting to represent Aries, the most juvenile of the zodiac signs. Not only that, Sebastian is strong-willed like a fire sign, and also he stands up to defend his parents at any chance he can get, just as a self-assertive Aries would.

In the movie, Sebastian goes under the radar at first, but a plot twist later in Reminiscence reveals that he had major involvement in Mae's disappearance in order to preserve his inherited fortune. Aries might relate to this as their intensity can often go underestimated. Eventually, Sebastian further proves that he is an Aries when he shows that he is not yet mature enough to actually fight against Nick after his secret is revealed.

Those with Taurus placements likely saw themselves in Hugh Jackman's character Nick Bannister. Nick is someone that gets fully invested into the things he is passionate about. This is a Taurus trait that contributes to them being incredibly intelligent, and Nick being a scientist and detective is a true testament to that.

On the other hand, because a Taurus can be so deeply invested in this passions, they can easily get a case of tunnel vision. They like things a specific way – their way – and any other way is considered wrong. Take Nick's entire character motivation for example: he is desperately obsessed with figuring out what happened to Mae, so much so that he barely considers anyone else's opinions or insights on the matter. Nick ultimately choosing to live permanently in the past, where he feels most comfortable, is definitely something a Taurus would do.

Cyrus may be one of the main villains in Reminiscence, but every villain has traits that make them successful as well. He is the catalyst for the most action packed fight sequence in the film where he showcases his impeccable combat skills. Like a true Gemini, Cyrus can think and react quickly to Nick's attacks.

Even more so, Geminis tend to be great communicators, and Cyrus is undoubtedly good with his words, despite how manipulative they may be. Whether he is monologuing to Nick in attempts to break him down, or discussing his evil plans with Mae, Cyrus knows what to say in order to get under their skin.

Tamara is a character who unfortunately got caught up in the middle of the mess that is Mae's disappearance because of her loved ones. Despite her unlucky involvement, she still manages to stay loyal to her cheating husband and comforts her conniving son when he is at his weakest. Cancers are known for being caring and nurturing in this way, just as Tamara is as a mother.

Cancers are also notoriously the most emotional sign of the zodiac. This fits well for Tamara, given the way she explains her situation to Nick through flowery, complicated language. She doesn't just lay it all out for him, she has to express herself in a sentimental way.

Leos often love to be the center of attention. In true Leo fashion, Walter Sylvan is consistently on everyone's minds – he is constantly talked about in dialogue even though his character is dead and hardly seen in the film.

Another glaringly Leo trait that Walter has is self-absorption. Everything about Walter's character makes it clear that he doesn't care for anyone but himself, especially given that he had an affair and even a child with Elsa despite being married to Tamara.

When dealing with such high-tech, complicated sci-fi elements such as the memory machines in Reminiscence, someone has to ground the story back to reality in some way for audience members to relate. That character is Watts, who is often the mediator and voice of reason throughout Nick's journey, just as a Virgo would be.

Before Nick goes off into a spiral about Mae's disappearance, Watts is the person who keeps their business operation afloat. Like a Virgo, she thinks practically, and communicates honestly and effectively to Nick when he needs to hear it most.

At the beginning of the movie, Hank is established as a nice, friendly guy, which is why Nick lets him go into the reminiscence free of charge. This is something that could easily happen to a Libra, a person who can get along with anyone due to their congenial personalities.

Because Libras can be so friendly, they can also end up being too trusting at times. This is especially true for Hank when Mae ends up using him, unknowingly, in order to get information on Nick.

Mae is the source of all mystery within Reminiscence. For many reasons, she perfectly fits the Scorpio stereotypes of being mysterious, secretive, and seductive. For example, Mae is a character with obvious sex appeal, and she engages in many intense love affairs all while keeping her true intentions hidden away.

Being water indications, Scorpios can also be very emotional. Mae's sensitive nature shines through often, such as when she saves Elsa's child from being killed or when she professes her love to Nick through the reminiscence before she meets her fatal end.

The sign of Sagittarius is known for being spontaneous and optimistic. This fits well for Detective Harris, who is eager to get his job done quickly and correctly – a lot so that he can be a bit too impulsive.

When looking back though memories while investigating Saint Joe, Harris becomes ambitious and starts asking questions instead of Nick. This of course ruins the investigation in that moment, causing Harris' Sagittarius-like spontaneity to get the best of him.

Avery Castillo is a stern and stoic character, representing that of Capricorns. As a lawyer and detective, Avery takes her work very seriously and always speaks in a straightforward manner.

Capricorns are people who will not even bother with people or things that do not serve a purpose to them. Like a Capricorn, Avery simply has no time for messing around. She sees Nick and Watts as strictly business partners in order to use the reminiscence to help solve crimes.

People with the zodiac sign Aquarius are often known as risk takers. They like to stir up the pot, in exciting and/or perilous ways. The same can easily be said of drug dealer and crime junkie Saint Joe, who loves to involve himself and those around him in dangerous situations, like when he gets Mae hooked on baca, for example.

Saint Joe also speaks quite bluntly and isn't afraid of what others think of him. He comes off as intense, and is a cunning conversationalist – all traits of a bold Aquarius.

Pisces placements are some of the best parents due to their instinctive nurturing qualities. This makes Elsa a great fit as a Pisces. Before Elsa meets her unfortunate demise at the hands of Cyrus, she makes it clear that her main concern is her youngster as she calls out to him, showing her concern up until her very end.

Additionally, those who are Pisces are usually deeply in touch with their emotions. This is also true for Elsa, who frequently visits reminiscence just to experience the touch of her past lover, Walter, in a time and also place in which she felt most loved. Pisces are often romantic and imaginative because of their emotional capability which is clearly evident in Elsa's attachment to Walter.

Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson are reunited in the first trailer from upcoming HBO Max release Reminiscence. The pair previously got intimate in 2017's mega hit musical The Greatest Showman, and they share much more screen time together in the new project. The science fiction thriller is written by Lisa Joy, who also makes her directorial debut on the film, which is currently scheduled for release on 20th August in theaters and HBO Max.

Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman), a private investigator of the mind, navigates the darkly alluring world of the past by helping his clients access lost memories. Living on the fringes of the sunken Miami coast, his life is forever changed when he takes on a new client, Mae (Rebecca Ferguson), and a simple matter of lost and found becomes a dangerous obsession. As Bannister fights to find the truth about Mae's disappearance, he uncovers a violent conspiracy, and must ultimately answer the question: how far would certainly you go to hold on to the ones you love?

From writer/director/producer Lisa Joy comes Warner Bros. Pictures' action thriller Reminiscence, starring Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson and also Thandiwe Newton. The film also stars Cliff Curtis, Marina de Tavira, Daniel Wu, Mojean Aria, Brett Cullen, Natalie Martinez, Angela Sarafyan and also Nico Parker.

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