Selling Sunset: Christine’s Engagement Ring’s Cost, Cut Size Guessed By A Jeweler

Screen Rant linked to amongst the leading fashion jewelry specialists in California to have them take into consideration know Selling Sunset’s celeb, Christine Quinn’s significant participation ring. From the rate of the sparkler to carat weight, Brilliant Earth’s SVP of Merchandising & Retail Expansion gave their perfect guesstimates on the queen’s fashionable as well as additionally unique rock.

Selling Sunset’s queen bee, Christine Quinn shocked fans on the very first episode of season two with a show-stopping engagement ring. The diamond, which didn’t get enough show time in our opinion, dazzled as Christine filled everyone in on her recent engagement to (her now hubby) Christian Richard. So, because the ring totally wowed us, we decided to do our own digging to learn more about her one-of-a-kind sparkler. We checked in with San Francisco-based ethically-sourced jewelry company, Brilliant Earth, to get a better idea of what exactly Christine is flaunting on her left finger. They even gave us lookalikes, too! Experts know best, right?

Brilliant Earth’s SVP, Merchandising & Retail Expansion, Kathryn Money spilled the tea on her thoughts about Christine Quinn’s engagement ring. She said, “It appears to feature an estimated 4.5-5.0 carat marquise-shaped diamond set in a white gold or platinum six-prong setting and additionally a luxe diamond adorned band.” 

She also gave us a rough price point of the ring saying “depending on the quality as well as specific characteristics of the center gemstone, we estimate the cost of the ring at approximately $125,000-175,000 USD.” The ring is a total stunner, and since it’s a marquise-cut shaped diamond, it’s also super hot right now for brides-to-be. So, of course, Brilliant Earth has a few lookalikes! Here’s a few that Money recommends – Luxe Sienna Diamond Ring, Karina Diamond Ring, and Gramercy Diamond Ring.

It’s no surprise that Christine would be sporting such a fashionable and high-dollar involvement ring. She is, after all, the trendsetter on the program and never one to not be turning heads on not just her fashion statements, but her bold (and sometimes catty) comments to her fellow co-stars. Who can forget her calling out Mary Fitzgerald concerning whether or not she had an exclusive second bachelorette party? The ultra-expensive marquise-cut ruby is precisely what we visualize this Selling Sunset starlet to carry her left finger. 

Source: Brilliant Earth


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