Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Character Inconsistencies Fans Never Noticed Before

Sons of Anarchy is a program loaded with incorrect people, nevertheless likewise these disparities have fans scraping their heads

Even in terrific programs like FX's Sons of Anarchy, there were still significant individuality variations that left fans scuffing their heads. Sure, hardcore fans will absolutely describe that this only consists of in the authenticity of the program, taking into consideration that actually people are made complicated pets that sometimes negate themselves in several methods.

Of training course, this is actual however everyday life is boring and that is exactly why people like heroes and villains from their favorite shows, simply because they lack such inconsistencies. Here are 10 character inconsistencies in Sons Of Anarchy fans never questioned before until now.

Every episode of Sons of Anarchy had Jax mulling over how he wanted a better life for not just himself however for his children. This would make perfect sense if it wasn't for his constant drive to be an outlaw.

If he truly wanted a different kind of life for his children, then why specifically did he continue down the same path? One minute he was all in for SAMCRO, the next he couldn't find a way to get out fast enough.

When fans are first introduced to Nero, the co-owner of the escort service Diosa, they learn that this was his escape from a life of crime. That sounds wonderful, except for the part where it was clear that Diosa was actually nothing but a front for a brothel.

Guys paid for sex from all the women who worked there, yet Nero consistently stated throughout the show that this was legitimate up as well as up business. It was either Nero was unaware of California state law or was lying to himself.

Throughout Sons of Anarchy, fans are shown Clay and Gemma's nice house. This makes sense since SAMCRO does make a considerable amount of money selling guns and drugs. However, he seems to be the only one who actually gets paid from the money the club earns.

Bobby takes on odd jobs on the side to scrape by, while the other members of the club live rather modest lives. This leaves the only question: do SAMCRO presidents receive a higher cut than the rest?

After Ethan Zobelle, the leader of a white supremacist group, ordered the rape of Gemma, Jax and Clay went on a rampage where they killed all of those involved, except the one who gave the order.

Both Jax and Clay appeared to be out for revenge no matter where it led them, yet their hatred for the man ceased to an absolute halt after Abel was kidnapped. Once Abel was safely returned to them, their hatred for the man was never rekindled or mentioned again.

Juice never had a great idea of his own. It is he do not have of intellectual ability that caused him to constantly be ridiculed by the other club members. Yet, at the beginning of the show, Juice was supposed to be a lovable computer hacker that could solve intricate problems for SAMCRO.

Unser appeared to be a great guy no matter which side of the law he fell on. It was his inability to choose a side that made his character unique but also quite frustrating to watch in a show with clearly defined factions. One minute he claims he helps SAMCRO to keep the peace, only for them to murder countless innocents in the process.

If he truly wanted to preserve the peace, he would have worked with law enforcement to take down SAMCRO and free Charming from continual gang wars. As the episodes went on, his indecisiveness went from compelling trait to annoying tic.

One of the biggest character disparities was a personality that was only seen in the background. The mysterious Homeless Woman that was always shown digging through dumpsters or hanging out beside buildings had a way of showing up right before key events in the show.

At first, it was hinted that the Homeless Woman was actually killed when John Teller's motorcycle was hit by an 18-wheeler, causing an accident with numerous cars. However, it is also implied she is an angel. Whatever the answer is, it was never made clear as to who or what she is.

When followers are first introduced to Wendy Case, they learn that she is a drug addict whose addiction was the reason why Abel was born with a birth defect. Even after she returns to Charming clean, Jax still swears that he will never ever let her be a part of Abel's life.

However, during the show's last season, Jax completely changes his opinion of her. Instead of trying to keep her from her son, he actually entrusts her to raise him. This isn't a bad turn for Jax but there seemed to be no motivation for him to change his mind simply like that.

Anyone who has watched more than one episode of Sons of Anarchy will know that John Teller was not a fan of running guns. And yet, murder, adultery, theft, and drug-running were all somehow acceptable practices in his world view, but he drew the line at selling a few guns on the black market.

When Jax reads his father's journal, his ideas become similar to his father's. It just seems a bit hypocritical for John to be down with certain criminal activities but fine with relatively worse offenses.

Wayne Unser stepped down as Chief of the Charming Police Department after receiving a diagnosis that his cancer had spread and he had months to live. Yet, years after his diagnosis, he was still going strong.

In fact, towards the end of the show, his initial cancer diagnosis was all but pushed to the wayside as his obsession with Gemma became a popular component on the show. Sadly, in the end, he did die but it was thanks to a bullet, not cancer. It's as if a fatal cancer diagnosis had not been that big a deal besides.

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