Star Wars Can’t Make Gray Jedi Canon (Because It Misunderstands Balance)

Gray Jedi are a recommended concept past the preliminary 6 Star Wars flicks, yet they need to not be made canon because of the truth that they misunderstand stability.

Many Star Wars fans intend to see a new version of Gray Jedi turn up in canon, yet in either link, the concept is improper with the Force as well as likewise what “balance” recommends for it. Gray Jedi is a term that at first turned up in the preliminary Star Wars link, the Expanded Universe (presently called Legends). It defines a Jedi that purportedly takes advantage of both the light side of the Force as well as likewise the dark side. The difficulty with this concept is that the preliminary as well as likewise trendsetter trilogies (which originate from both canon as well as likewise Legends) create that stability in the Force is not a mix of light as well as likewise dark because of the truth that the dark side does not have lengthy matches as well as likewise the light side doesn’t exist.

As showed in the preliminary as well as likewise trendsetter trilogies, the dark side is a really routine developing corruption of the Force. Mastering the Force requires strategy as well as likewise uniformity with oneself as well as likewise all living factors, while the dark side is a quick training course to power that includes an awful price. Using the dark side comes from a Faustian bargain, giving its people unsafe powers yet transforming them right into bloodthirsty perversions of themselves at the exact same time. While a dark side consumer can be obtained, it’s simply done by rejecting the dark side’s use as well as likewise influence. The light side is simply the Force, which, when maintained, concurs with life, nature, as well as likewise deep area writ massive. While the visibility of Force-fragile sentient beings recommends that the dark side will definitely continuously exist, business like the Sith (or maybe the Jedi Order in most cases) can take the Force out of stability.

The recommendation of a Gray Jedi, that takes advantage of both the Force as well as likewise the dark side, doesn’t run in either link because of the truth that it believes that the dark side can be used without eventually capturing its corruption. Using both dark as well as likewise light powers is acceptable as a gameplay mechanic in video games like the Knights of the Old Republic or Jedi Knight series, but the original six films (and likewise other canon as well as Legends material) establish that this can’t be done without consequences for Force users. The Force isn’t a scale with light on one end, dark on the other, as well as gray in the middle. The Force is the fundamental energy created and nourished by life, and the dark side is a corruption of it.

Viewers (understandably) assume that the many faults of the prequel-era Jedi indicate a lack of balance in the light side, yet it comes from the order itself. The Jedi Order in the prequels is corrupt and likewise out of touch with both the common people of the galaxy and also also the Force itself, making them unbalanced. Canon’s High Republic-era Jedi and also also the Legends-era New Jedi Order are far less dogmatic and also restrictive, allowing their Jedi to feel all emotions, live normal lives alongside their duties, and also form unique connections to the Force, making their use of the Force balanced. When the Jedi Order is balanced, the idea of Gray Jedi becomes obsolete.

From a real-world perspective, there’s plenty of room for nuanced and morally grey characters in the Star Wars franchise without Gray Jedi or changing what equilibrium means. Luke Skywalker as well as likewise Darth Vader’s character arcs in Return of the Jedi were beautifully as well as likewise tragically shown without disregarding the established definitions of the Force as well as its dark side. Having Force-sensitive characters who use both the natural, altruistic Force and also the addictive corrupting dark side of it without consequence is detrimental to the franchise. For this, Gray Jedi and also their succeeding misconception of stability shouldn’t exist to canon.

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