Star Wars’ Order 99: Dooku’s Legends Precursor To Order 66 Explained

Order 99 was Count Dooku's Order 66 leader as seen in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, made use of to check out if a battle android can ignore its programs.

Much has in fact been made of Order 66, Palpatine’s secret command supplied in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith to the replicate army to harm the Jedi, yet a lot less extensively recognized is Count Dooku's Legends timeline Order 99. Featuring in Star Wars comics, it was an order that came one year formerly in the Clone Wars. While it seems numerically to be out of order, as well as likewise to change 66 on its head, it fulfilled a vital component of Palpatine's approach to do away with the Jedi.

In the tale of Star Wars, Order 66 is a keystone event, gave its application functions as the climax for Revenge of the Sith, as well as likewise is vital to Palpatine's approach to handle the galaxy. It similarly gets ready for the setup of the Jedi in the first trilogy as well as likewise adheres to up; that of a diing religions whose professionals have in fact gone away, either harmed or in expatriation. Order 99 was a guideline for the Separatist Droid Army throughout the Clone Wars duration as well as likewise was taped in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic UK #6.26, “The Only Good Clanker”, developed by Robin Etherington with artwork by Will Sliney. The eight-page comic was first launched in October 2011 so is taken into account part of Legends, sticking to the Disney procurement of Lucasfilm as well as likewise required of April 2014.

In “The Only Good Clanker,” Darth Sidious overviews his student Count Dooku to implement an experiment as well as likewise trouble “Order 99” to a Separatist B1 battle android took part in a conflict with Republic stress worldwide Bogoa, positioned in the Immerian Outback of the Expansion Region. Dooku's order requires the android to ignore its previous programs to get rid of the Republic resistance stress. Following this, the android, that relabels himself Coppertop, searches for adaptability, customizes his appearance (including a gold crest on his head, a red stripe on his top body, as well as likewise a cape), as well as likewise gives professional help to stress on both sides of the battle.

Coppertop is providing professional assistance to a damaged Republic cannon straw when he is encountered by Clone Commander Cody as well as likewise General Obi-Wan Kenobi. When Kenobi asks the android what his significant number as well as likewise battle guideline is, he responds, “I'm—not sure what you mean. My name is Coppertop. As for my battle directives—they have been replaced! I have one command—to ignore my programming!” Kenobi is puzzled by this as well as likewise the android's recap of Order 99 yet has no time at all in all to take into consideration as the group is promptly attacked by Asajj Ventress as well as likewise Cyreltov. The Dark Jedi as well as likewise Chiss fugitive seeker were sent by Dooku to recover the rogue Confederate android. Kenobi as well as likewise his matches initially secure him yet Coppertop promptly surrenders himself to Ventress to remain free from trouble. Grabbing Cyreltov’s weapon, he entirely deactivates himself.

Despite Coppertop's unanticipated tasks as well as likewise Ventress’s stopping working to recover the android while still practical, Dooku considered the experiment a success. He reported hence to his master, Darth Sidious, that acknowledged the experiment validated an android can be purchased to ignore its first programs. Sidious saw the matches as well as likewise androids as the similar: “both merely set up gadgets” to fit his feature. Order 99 planned for Order 66, in which replicate cannon straws, set up to secure as well as likewise fight with the Jedi, might “reverse course” to target them rather. Although Order 99 was hardly an afterthought in Legends Star Wars chronology, the experiment showed that implementing Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith might successfully transform the duplicates versus the Jedi as well as likewise take Sidious a big activity extra thorough to completing supremacy.

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