Supergirl Brought Back A Character From Arrow Season 1

Supergirl Season 5 encompasses a stunning connection to the Arrowverse's earlier with the refined return of a minor character from Arrow season 1.

An episode from Supergirl season 5 might have featured a fragile return of a minor character from Arrow season 1. Debuting in 2012, Arrow was the flagship providing in The CW's ever-expanding universe of DC Comics-inspired reveals. Starring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, the present proved to success for the group and spawned a bunch of direct spin-offs, together with The Flash. Known colloquially as a result of the Arrowverse, it additionally added the Melissa Benoist-led Supergirl to its ranks after it switched networks from CBS following its first season. Though Arrow formally concluded with season 8, the remainder of the Arrowverse has already been renewed for brand spanking new seasons.

Arrow season 1 largely explored Oliver's preliminary return to Star City and first steps into vigilantism. Simultaneously, flashbacks have been utilized to depict the first yr of his exile on the island of Lian Yu. Oliver wasn't the one who seemingly died when his family's yacht sank, nonetheless. It was established that he was having illicit liaisons with Sara Lance, the sister of his then-girlfriend Laurel. Though Sara didn't even make it to the life-raft, Oliver's survival sparked a component of hope inside the Lance household — most notably dad and mom Quentin and Dinah. Their fixation on the idea that Sara is prone to be alive was moreover fuelled by {a photograph} of a similar-looking woman on neighboring islands inside the area. In Arrow season 1, episode 18, “Salvation,” Laurel tracked down the woman. Laurel launched her to her mom and father as Jenn, revealing that she was nothing better than somebody with a dangling resemblance on a six-month sabbatical.

Played by Anna Van Hooft, the character of Jenn solely appeared in that one scene and was by no means talked about as soon as extra. Like Sara Lance herself, nonetheless, the character might have merely resurfaced. In Supergirl season 5, episode 15, “Reality Bytes,” Van Hooft performed an additional excellent place. Ordinarily, that may indicate little. Given the expansive nature of the Arrowverse — and what variety of years the reveals have been on air — it's to be anticipated that an actor or actress would pop up greater than as quickly as in a number of minor roles. What makes Van Hooft's look on Supergirl fully totally different and further important, though, is the reality that her latest character was named Jennifer — of which Jenn is clearly brief for.

The timeline of the character moreover tracks between the two reveals. In Arrow, she made reference to needing to call her fiance. In Supergirl, within the meantime, Jennifer is simply not solely married nonetheless has been married prolonged adequate for the connection to bitter. The outcomes of that decline is what spurred on a number of the movement — collectively together with her husband, Richard, pursuing vengeance in the direction of the individual with whom she'd been having a digital affair. Given that the episodes are merely in want of a decade apart, that's greater than adequate time for such developments to have occurred. Though the Arrowverse has had its share of continuity errors, the choice in character determine and these particulars counsel that it's better than mere coincidence.

When Sara Lance did lastly flip-up alive, there was a prevailing idea that Jenn had been a decoy despatched to throw her family off the scent. It was moreover speculated that Jenn may have really been Sara and merely in a position to convincingly deceive them. Those ideas have been lent credence by the precise truth Sara was educated by the League of Assassins and so would have merely amassed such experience of subterfuge. The reemergence of the character, nonetheless, implies that Jenn was a minimal of her private character. Equally, regardless of Richard lastly being drawn into Leviathan's machinations, it's unlikely that she's going to return and be revealed as in cahoots with one group or totally different. As such, the overlap will serve largely as an easter egg — along with a fragile nod for a manner linked the respective cities of Arrow and Supergirl at the moment are that the reveals' respective Earths have merged.

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