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Set throughout the Cold War, it sticks to the story of Elizabeth (Keri Russell) as well as additionally Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys), 2 Soviet KGB police officers impersonating an American pair living in Falls Church, a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C. with their youngsters, Paige (Holly Taylor) as well as additionally Henry (Keidrich Sellati). The program furthermore uncovers the conflict in between Washington's FBI workplace as well as additionally the KGB Rezidentura by sticking to the perspectives of reps on both sides, containing the Jennings' neighbor Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich), an FBI agent operating in counterintelligence. The collection begins in the effects of the launch of President Ronald Reagan in January 1981 as well as additionally ends in December 1987, quickly before the leaders of the United States as well as additionally the Soviet Union authorized the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

The Americans premiered in the United States on January 30, 2013, as well as additionally upright May 30, 2018, after 6 durations. The collection was well-known by doubters, that considered it among the absolute best of its duration; it's creating, individualities, as well as additionally acting were often distinguished. Although The Americans went rather overlooked by substantial honour programs throughout its extremely initial durations, the collection's last duration gotten Rhys the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, while Weisberg as well as additionally co-lead writer Joel Fields won Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series; it was additionally approved the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama. Additionally, Margo Martindale won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series 2 times for her efficiency in the third as well as additionally fourth seasons, as well as the series became one of the rare drama shows to receive two Peabody Awards during its run (the first time since Breaking Bad).

Season one follows Stan Beeman turning Nina Krilova into an American spy in the Rezidentura. Philip has to kill FBI counterintelligence agent Amador after Amador catches him with Gadd's secretary Martha. Beeman then kills Vlad, a young and inexperienced KGB officer, in retaliation for his partner's murder. Nina becomes a re-doubled agent, confessing to the Rezident. Elizabeth and Philip's marriage implodes after Philip briefly reunites with his former Soviet lover Irina, who tells him that they have a son named Mischa serving in the Soviet military. The Jennings reconcile after the death of Elizabeth's former lover Gregory. The season ends after Nina blows up an FBI operation to capture Elizabeth while she picks up a dead drop that is under surveillance, but Elizabeth is shot and badly wounded during the escape.

Season two follows the Jennings attempting to capture technology and data relating to the United States' efforts to develop stealth aircraft, including kidnapping Russian defector Anton, who is a scientist on the project. At the same time, Elizabeth and Philip attempt to solve the murders of two other Directorate S operatives, Leanne and Emmet. Believing that Captain Larrick, a Navy SEAL, is responsible, they agree to free him from blackmail after he gets them access to a training camp for Nicaraguan Contras. At the end of the season, it is revealed that Jared, Leanne and Emmet's son, murdered his parents after they discovered he had been recruited by the KGB. They are then approached by Claudia, their handler, who informs them that their daughter Paige has been selected as the next recruit, under a program to develop “Second Generation Illegals” who can pass background checks and presumably be hired by the FBI and the CIA. When Nina fails to turn Stan into a double agent, she is arrested by the KGB for espionage and returned to the USSR.

Season three features the Jennings coping with the stress of preparing to reveal they're true nature to Paige. To make her more comfortable with the notion, Elizabeth becomes more involved with Paige's church activities. Meanwhile, Elizabeth learns her mother is dying and remembers their life together in Russia. The main storylines for the season include the arrival of a Soviet defector, whom Stan is assigned to monitor (and whom he suspects to be a double agent), the war in Afghanistan (which takes a toll on both Philip, whose son Mischa is serving in Afghanistan, and Oleg, whose brother was executed by the Afghan resistance). Other plots include exploring the relationship between the Soviet Union and the anti-apartheid movement, the manipulated Martha's secret spying on her FBI bosses being uncovered, Nina's time in a Soviet prison, and Oleg's attempts to protect her through his father's influence.


The surnames of most of the Russian characters are not revealed. In scenes taking place inside the Soviet embassy, the characters address each other in a familiar but respectful manner, using a given name and patronymic, without mentioning surnames. “Ivanovich” means “son of Ivan” and “Sergeevna” indicates “daughter of Sergei”.

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  • Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings (Nadezhda), a KGB officer and wife of Philip. In comparison to Philip, Elizabeth's allegiance to the KGB and the Soviet Union, as well as the ideology of communism, is stronger and more straightforward.
  • Matthew Rhys as Philip Jennings (Mischa), a KGB officer and husband of Elizabeth. Although loyal to his cause, Philip holds little animosity towards the United States. Philip is close friends with Stan Beeman. As Clark, one of his multiple identities, Philip romances Martha, an FBI secretary, to obtain classified information.
  • Maximiliano Hernández as Chris Amador (season 1), Stan's FBI partner.
  • Holly Taylor as Paige Jennings, Elizabeth and Philip's daughter.
  • Keidrich Sellati as Henry Jennings, Elizabeth and Philip's son.
  • Noah Emmerich as Stan Beeman, an FBI counterintelligence agent and the Jennings' neighbour. Unaware of the Jennings' true nature, he is very close with the family and best friends with Philip.
  • Annet Mahendru as Nina Sergeevna Krilova (recurring season 1, main periods 2–4), a clerical worker turned KGB agent at the Soviet Embassy, as well as Stan's former informant and lover.
  • Susan Misner as Sandra Beeman (recurring seasons 1 and 4, main seasons 2–3), Stan's wife.
  • Alison Wright as Martha Hanson (recurring season 1, 5, main seasons 2–4), Agent Gaad's secretary and Philip's informant.
  • Lev Gorn as Arkady Ivanovich Zotov (recurring seasons 1–2, 6, main seasons 3–4), the KGB's Rezident at the Soviet embassy.
  • Costa Ronin as Oleg Igorevich Burov (recurring season 2, main seasons 3–6), originally the Soviet embassy's Science and Technology officer, a privileged son of a government minister who was appointed thanks to his father's connections so he could enjoy the comforts of the United States; at the end of season 4, returned to the USSR after his brother's death, in the KGB at first and then at his father's ministry.
  • Richard Thomas as Frank Gaad (recurring seasons 1–2, main seasons 3–4), an FBI Special Agent and Stan's supervisor.
  • Dylan Baker as William Crandall (season 4), a Russian agent and biochemical warfare scientist.
  • Brandon J. Dirden as Dennis Aderholt (recurring season 3, main seasons 4–6), an FBI agent.
  • Margo Martindale as Claudia (recurring seasons 1–5, main season 6), the Jennings' second and fifth KGB handler.

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  • Daniel Flaherty as Matthew Beeman (seasons 1–5), Stan and Sandra's son.
  • Peter Von Berg as Vasili Nikolaevich (seasons 1–4), a former KGB Rezident.
  • Derek Luke as Gregory Thomas (season 1; special appearance season 6), an American militant and Elizabeth's longtime lover.
  • Wrenn Schmidt as Kate (season 2), the Jennings' third KGB handler.
  • Lee Tergesen as Andrew Larrick (season 2), a United States Navy SEAL blackmailed into working for the KGB.
  • Michael Aronov as Anton Baklanov (seasons 2–4), an émigré Russian-Jewish scientist working on secret stealth technology.
  • Kelly AuCoin as Pastor Tim (seasons 2–6), a pastor who heads the church which Paige Jennings attends.
  • Frank Langella as Gabriel (seasons 3–5), the Jennings' first and fourth KGB handler.
  • Vera Cherny as Tatiana Evgenyevna Vyazemtseva (seasons 3–6), a KGB officer at the Rezidentura.
  • Peter Mark Kendall as Hans (seasons 3–5), a member of the Jennings' operational team.
  • Julia Garner as Kimberly “Kimmy” Breland (seasons 3–6), the daughter of the head of the CIA's Afghan group, later head of the Soviet group.
  • Karen Pittman as Lisa (seasons 2–4), a Northrop employee from whom Elizabeth is gleaning information.
  • Laurie Holden as Renee (seasons 5–6), Stan's girlfriend and also a later wife.
  • Scott Cohen as Glenn Haskard (season 6), a member of a State Department negotiating team.
  • Miriam Shor as Erica Haskard (season 6), the ailing wife of Glenn Haskard for whom Elizabeth works as a home nurse and who coerces Elizabeth into art therapy.

Over the course of the collection, The Americans received 18 Emmy nominations. For its fourth and sixth periods, the series was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were each nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress and Actor in a Drama Series, respectively, for the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons. Rhys won the award for the sixth season. The prior omissions that the show had received at the Emmys were considered to be snubs by the Emmys in the dramatization and acting categories by critics. Margo Martindale was nominated four times and won twice for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series, and Alison Wright received a nomination in the same category for the fifth season. The show received four nominations for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, for “Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?” written by Joshua Brand; and Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg were nominated for the award three consecutive years for the fourth, fifth, and sixth-season finales. Fields and Weisberg won the award for the collection finale, “START”. Nathan Barr also received a nomination for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for the first season.

The Americans were strongly praised for their writing. The series was nominated for four Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Dramatic Series awards, and won in both 2016 and 2018. The Americans won an unusual second Peabody Award, “for ending one of TV's best dramas with one of the television's best series finales”, becoming the first drama series given that Breaking Bad to win 2 Peabody Awards throughout its run.

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