The DCEU Is Repeating The MCU’s Spider-Man Problem

The DCEU's upcoming The Flash movie mosts likely to the hazard of replicating a repeating issue that has really come from the MCU's persisting Spider-Man franchise organization.

The DCEU's The Flash movie mosts likely to hazard of replicating a large issue that has really been occurring with the MCU's Spider-Man franchise organization. One of the upcoming DC flicks is Ezra Miller's solo movie, including his variant of the Scarlet Speedster. While Grant Gustin is showing Barry Allen in the Arrowverse, the DCEU will definitely promptly start another The Flash franchise organization that has really continued to be in the work due to the fact that 2014. The movie will definitely be drawing in suggestions from the DC tale Flashpoint that consists of time-travel after Barry goes back to the past to save his mother from being eliminated. As a result, Barry go back to a new existing that has really been rephrased given that he modified the timeline. While the preliminary comic arc was largely worrying time taking a trip, the DCEU version will definitely similarly contain the DC Multiverse concept.

The Flash will definitely not simply be Barry's opportunity to get the spotlight on the movie theater, yet it will definitely consist of a selection of DC individualities, new as well as likewise old ones. Sasha Calle has just recently been cast as the DCEU's iteration of Supergirl that will debut in Miller's film. However, the Girl of Steel will likewise be joined by not one but two versions of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Both Ben Affleck as well as also Michael Keaton are set to portray their respective take on the Dark Knight, with the latter being involved because of Barry's rewrite of reality. While it's expected that other DC characters will be added, Batman's role is what's slightly concerning, since it parallels an issue that the MCU has with Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

Ever since Holland was cast as Marvel's iconic web-slinger, his character arc has been incredibly dependent on his relationship with Iron Man. Rather than being mostly independent as he is in the comics, Peter's entire Spider-Man saga has in more ways than one tied into Iron Man. Peter was basically the son Tony never had, and the long-time Avenger became a father figure for the teen Avenger. Holland's past Spider-Man films have been influenced by Iron Man's presence, both physically and spiritually. The Flash is, similarly, now relying a bit on Batman with two separate incarnations of the Caped Crusader. This is Barry's first movie and with such a big arc coming up for him with Flashpoint, the focus needs to be solely on him.

The Flashpoint idea is certainly a strong opening for a Flash story, but in the end, it has to be Barry that shines through. Having two Batmen that in some ways helps him becomes the same problem that Spider-Man: Homecoming had with Tony's inclusion. The Vulture was even a result of Tony's actions through Damage Control that drove Adrian Toomes to villainy. Spider-Man: Far From Home, despite Iron Man being dead, had Mysterio as a super-villain because of Tony's past actions. Keaton's Batman coming back for The Flash makes sense because of Flashpoint involving the Multiverse. However, there are still two Batmen in this story, and it comes off as this story trying to service other characters more than Barry.

The Flash is not a vehicle to be used for Michael Keaton or Affleck's Batmen to somehow get a wrap-up to their respective stories. Neither should they be intended to somehow have to help Barry or make him look beneath them. Batman has already had many opportunities on screen and the last thing any version should do in The Flash is overshadow Barry as the story's protagonist. As cool as it looks on the screen seeing Batman be the one to give Barry his new suit, on paper, it currently removes something from the hero's very own advancement. Crossovers are constantly an enjoyable narration gadget, yet for The Flash's situation, it's ineffective if it duplicates MCU's Spider-Man concern.

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