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Voice Cast

  • Adrian Petriw as Adam, that is smart, incredibly solid as well as agile, as well as assumes the role of leader of the group. In Season 2, he is revealed to be gay. He is one of the main protagonists.
  • Peter Bundic plays Adam in the live-action scenes.
  • Ashleigh Ball as Mira, who is good at puzzles, able to communicate with animals and creatures, breathe underwater and swim at great speeds. She is one of the main protagonists.
  • Lana Jalissa plays Mira in the live-action scenes.
  • Connor Parnall as Kai, who is smart and nerdy, being a tech whiz, and chose the ability to create and manipulate fire. However, he's impulsive, not very athletic and often makes jokes that only he finds funny. He is one of the main protagonists.
  • Harrison Houde plays Kai in the live-action scenes,
  • Diana Kaarina as Vanessa. Along with being able to fly, she is incredibly manipulative and scheming. It is revealed that she cheated by contacting someone who placed digiblock lens on her eyes to keep her memory from being erased and thus secretly caused the “glitch”. She is one of the main antagonists in Season 1, but later one of the main protagonists in Season 2.
  • Destiny Millens plays Vanessa in the live-action scenes.

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  • Alex Barima as Reeve, a boy who can move things with his mind. He is shown to be the most malicious of his team. It was disclosed in Season 2 that Adam and Reeve used to be friends, but Reeve joined Vanessa's team after a fight. Later he became friends with Adam again. He is just one of the primary antagonists in Season 1, but later one of the main lead characters in Season 2.
  • Abdoul Diallo plays Reeve in the live-action scenes
  • Jesse Moss as Skeet, that can run at super speed. He is the least malicious of his group and at some point tries to convince his teammates to work together with their competitors after he is made aware of the dangers represented by the glitches. In Season 2, his real name is Bernard and he was a childhood friend to Mira since preschool. He is one of the main antagonists in Season 1, but later one of the main protagonists in Season 2.
  • Chase Dallas Carey plays Skeet in the live-action scenes.
  • Kazumi Evans as Nisha, one of the new main antagonists in Season 2. She has the ability to use fire just like Kai.
  • Sam Vincent as Tyler, one of the new main antagonists in Season 2. He has the ability to manipulate the weather.
  • Khamisha Wilsher as Iris, one of the new main antagonists in Season 2. She has the ability to increase her size for a short time.
  • Mark Hildreth as The Weird Guy or Weirdy or Gustaf (Real Life), an eccentric and mysterious individual who appears whenever someone says the phrase “help please”. Outside the game he is the host.
  • Hildreth plays The Weird Guy in the live-action scenes.
  • Sam Vincent as Jules Voulcan, an evil French scientist.
  • Nicole Oliver as Tree/Spider-Woman.
  • Ian James Corlett as Benjamin. Along side with Benjamini, he was a strongman for a rundown carnival in season 1 and was a security guard for the jazz club in season 2.
  • Michael Daingerfield as Benjamini. Along side with Benjamin, he was a strongman for a rundown carnival in season 1 and was a security guard for the jazz club in season 2.
  • Brian Drummond as Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He is apparently skilled in baking scones and brewing Ice Tea. In Season 2, he works at the bar.
  • Nicole Oliver as Brynhilda, a Viking woman.
  • Kathleen Barr as The Witches.
  • Akuma, a Japanese demon monk king who stole the Ishibo. Later in Season 2, he becomes the host in a game called “Pick a Portal.”
  • Brian Dobson as Toros/Minotaur #1.
  • Paul Dobson as Minotaur #2.
  • Lee Tockar as Dave.
  • Peter Kelamis as Spider-Leader
  • Jason Simpson as Cyclops.


Adam, Mira, and Kai are three teenagers who awaken in a room with no memories of themselves or each other; the only clue to their identities are their names written on small slips of paper in their pockets. After emerging from an underground bunker they find themselves in a deep forest and venture forth to discover who they are and how to get home.

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Along the way, they encounter a strange character that they call “Weirdy” or “the Weird Guy”, who teleports them to different regions whenever they ask ‘help please'. Each region, however, harbors dangers and obstacles that the group struggle to overcome, while also discovering that they each possess superpowers; Adam has both super strength and agility, Mira can interact with pets, breathe underwater, as well as swim like a mermaid, as well as Kai, can cast as well as manipulate fire, as well as being a technical whiz.

The trio encounters a large, talking tree that offers to send them home if they can retrieve a stolen branch of hers that has been turned in to a dangerous weapon called the Ishino. While attempting to retrieve it, they also encounter another trio of teens; each with their own superpowers who compete with them for possession of the Ishino.

Regardless of the trials and setbacks that follow, the trio emerges victorious over their rivals as well as claim the Ishino. However, Adam's theory that they are in a virtual reality game is confirmed by Weirdie, who warns them, that the glitches they have seen are a sign that the game's code is corrupted as well as is on the verge of crashing, and that they must quickly escape the game.

After returning the Ishibo to the Iron Tree, she enables them to enter a region where they must fight a dragon. After the dragon's defeat, they enter a portal in the building that was being guarded by the dragon. Once through the portal, they wind up in the same room they started in, except for the fact that there was a green button. They press it, and exit the game, waking up in a VR tournament (filmed as live-action) where they are greeted by the Weirdie (revealed to be the show's host) as well as cheered by the live audience for winning the game, “The Hollow.” However, as the rival team wakes up, Kai notices the eye of one of them slightly glitching.

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